A Note To My Readers


The people who comment on this site are in my opinion the most intelligent and generally civil of all the porn blogs.  I am proud of that.  If you arent reading the post comments you are missing some good stuff, specially if you are a company owner or a performer.  There is good info in there for people in this biz.

Lots of female commentary as well.

And to my loyal reader/commentary folks…love you long time!  Yal are the best!

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A Note To My Readers

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10 Responses

  1. Sucky Sucky… 5 Dolla.
    You know, $5 is a pretty good deal for a blow job… You can’t even get a combo meal at McDonald’s for $5 these days… 😀
    I <3 full metal jacket, btw.

  2. In Michigan McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s have a dollar menu. Three sandwiches and a large Diet Coke for less than $5 including tax. Of course in Chatsworth it probably costs twice that amount with the Jerry Brown tax, the Arnold Schwarzenegger tax, the Willie Brown tax, the Mayor of Los Angeles taxes, the suck my dick tax, etc. Next up will be the Isidore Hall all condom porno production tax from what I am hearing. 🙂

  3. I forgot about the $1 menu. Wendy’s is good. I fucking hate Burger King. If I went to McDonald’s and ordered a Chicken McNugget meal with fries and a drink it’s somewhere around $7.00 with tax. Bullshit.
    Now, I can eat at Taco Bell for under $5.00 easily and they’re open until like 5am. And, when you’re drunk Taco Bell tastes better than a 5 star meal. 🙂

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