A LOT of Questions Are Emerging

T J Cummings PASS Status
T J Cummings PASS Status

This data creates a LOT of questions for me

1. He was marked as unavailable in PASS on 12/3 as a result of his test at TTS  That means he tested on the 2nd or before and on the 3rd the results were known.  The FSC says they acted IMMEDIATELY but they didn’t release any info or call for a moratorium until Dec 6.  Thats three days, that is NOT acting in a timely manner.

2. His previous test was on Oct 25th. that means he COULD have been in the window period when he tested on Oct 25th so for a complete first generation exposure list they have to have all of his contacts since his test on Oct 11th.  This makes an exposure list very dicey to say the least.  It appears he took some time off in November but he was allegedly doing cam shows and having personal contacts during that time.  I have also seen an escort ad that would indicate that he was escorting as well.  The point isn’t so much what he was up to as the difficulty of getting an accurate exposure list that spans this time frame and includes both industry and non industry exposures.

3.  Why does he have 3 tests on the same day (Aug 13th) (ADDED This question has been answered. the results are transmitted to PASS electronically, sometimes the results appear that they didnt go through so they get reposted, this ends up sometimes will multiple posting of the same results on the same day so this one is cleared up)

These are all pretty pertinent questions I think.


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A LOT of Questions Are Emerging

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  1. The laboratories that did his previous tests should still have those samples, They could be retested to determine a more accurate date on which to define contacts who were put at risk. But that would cost money, and this is the porn business, so you know they wont be doing the right thing and retesting those older samples, not as diagnostic tests, but as research tests.(again, if you dont know the difference in these trivial things you probably dont know the difference on the major issues either.)

    Only problem with asking these questions is the people who should be answering them will exercise their right to remain silent, and hide behind their rights, not stand up for them.

  2. @AvaAddams has a really good point up there. ^^^

    If the tests are only accurate AT THE TIME OF THE TEST then the “pass date” would need to be the day the blood was actually drawn…

    After the blood is drawn, the results from pass to fail could potentially change within a few days or even a few hours depending on performer actions.

    A performer could reasonably be infected by the time their tests results even came back.

  3. Taking that into consideration would mean:

    1st test – blood drawn on 12/3/13.
    1st test results on 12/4/13.

    2nd test – blood drawn on 12/5/13.
    2nd test results on 12/6/13.

    Moritorium called on 12/6/13.
    (Same exact day the 2nd HIV+ test results came back.)

    This also means that he KNEW his first test results already when he was trying to book the scene on 12/5/13.
    He had already gotten his 1st test results back because he went in for re-testing on 12/5/13.

    The only excuse possible was that he was booking the scene for the weekend since he knew his confirmatory test results would have been back by then and he probably figured the 1st test results might have been a false-positive. If the 2nd test results came back positive then just cancel the scene, which is what happened.
    Just a theory…..

  4. Correct Lacey but why change clinics for testing? If he was hoping for a false positive the first clinic would have retested him for free.

  5. Shouldn’t you know what the dates mean when you publish? If it is the draw date then doesn’t the idea he didn’t know when starting those texts become more plausible? I don’t know the answers, but the person publishing things should. You are essentially arguing that a guy was very willing to expose others. Be sure you are right, pretty sick if you aren’t. If you are it’s sick on his end.

  6. Also, do we know what day FSC was alerted? I don’t totally understand the dates and also if FSC has to be alerted by the facility?

  7. Nothing outof the ordinary to see a different doctor for a second opinion. For the same reason, all labs will send the Western Blot confirmation of a positive Elisa test to another lab.

    Regarding Laceys timeline. I just dont see positive PCR tests being reported the next day. I would be more inclined to believe that he had his blood drawn on the third, got those results on the fifth(two days later) and went to the other clinic on that same day, and those results coming back the seventh.

    PASS had the TTS result the fifth, and when the CET result was not bak the next day, which is standard if the result is negative, the FSC then made their press release. Just a theory?
    I still think the FSC/PASS sjould have acted upon recieving the first positive test. IF theywanted to “err on the side of caution” like their press re;ease said, they should have acted after the first positive. How many more people were added to the second generation list because of this delay?

  8. Danny –
    Good Point!! Obviously, I don’t have an answer for that one?? Is it a requirement to get your 1st and 2nd positive HIV tests from different clinics? Maybe they were trying to speed the process up for moratorium??? Idk?

    Jilted!!!!!!! Any thoughts?

  9. Jilted –
    So, you think the results came back on the 5th for the 1st test? Then, why call the moratorium on the 6th? They still didn’t have the 2nd test results back?
    UNLESS, they got the 1st test results on the 5th and had him test again that same day and put a rush on the 2nd test results which could have possibly came back on the 6th which is when the moratorium was called.

    The moratorium wasn’t issued in the AM, from what I remember… it was issued late Friday afternoon on the 6th.

  10. At this point that timeline is still slightly unclear, but also when are the texts from? We only see 2 dates on those. Those dates are only in reference to her texts. For all the evidence shows his texts could have been days prior. Unless I’m reading it incorrectly or not seeing something. Having those dates seems important when charging something serious, such as being very willing to give someone HIV.

  11. I don’t know about LA but I use TTS right here in Miami and if you go early enough you can get your results the same day. I have had tests when I was in LA take up to 2 days and have known people who are out of state to take longer.

  12. Wasnt life in porn so much easier when you could just lay the blame on Sharon Mitchell? And since Mitch left how many moratoriums have their been? I bet Dianne Duke would give her left nut to have Mitch around to lay the blame on.

    And INCONCLUSIVE means exactly what it says, INCONCLUSIVE. It doesnt mean “no result” or “bad specimen.” If there was a problem with the specimen, like it was frozen, or not handled properly that is what the result would say. “Specimen contaminated” or “Specimen not suitable for testing” THere are three possible RESULTS for a PCR test, Detected, Not Detected, and Inconclusive, these are actual RESULTS. “Specimen contaminated” is not a result.

    If you dont understand the trivial things, you dont understand the major things.

  13. @Lacey

    According to his Twitter he said he was really sick on November 20th and then comments again on feeling sick on the 2nd of December. How long before that did he have it? It could have been a while. Scary stuff.

  14. http://business.avn.com/articles/legal/Diane-Duke-Sez-What-You-Know-About-the-Moratorium-Is-Wrong-538460.html

    She didn’t mention “condom” once. Not even in regards to those who may choose to shoot through the moratorium. At least she suggests being nice to one another. Talent can just pretend there are unicorns ejaculating rainbows inside of them. Then we can all walk through the gumdrop forest hand-in-hand.

    Why does she feel the need to be defensive all of a sudden and clear things up? This seems more like it was done to uphold reputation that they feel may be slipping.

  15. They havent even named the guy yet and I have an interview with him…while they have duke explaining what a moratorium is

    And you know that both Helmy at XBiz and Theo at AVN have asked me why people in the biz dont trust them…SMFH

  16. Why are you acting like them not naming a HIV+ person makes them bad or anything negative? That seems like a tough call to put someones name out there. To act like it’s some badge of honor that you named the person in your posts is stupid. Naming him or getting an interview doesn’t really say anything bad about someone who doesn’t. Do you want a cookie for naming him? Do you want someone to take away a cookie from other sites for not doing so? Worry about you dude. If you like what you do on your site that should be enough.

  17. @jilted

    Not saying this happening but can say one reason why a second facility might be used …a doctor can not make definitive HIV diagnosis without a second (different) confirmatory test…no second test, no diagnosis, no mandatory reporting to regulated health departments who do surveillance and containment of communicable disease.

    Doc at each facility ONLY looks at what he has on hand…educates patient, encourages confirmatory testing, sends patient to different facility, confirmatory test is the only test information on hand, doc educates patient who already knows he doesn’t need a third test, patient goes to private doc or foundation for treatment. Private doc or foundation does a patient records request and/or runs new tests and makes diagnosis…..mainstream and really didn’t happen on set..no industry doc diagnosed or reported the HIV results that the clia lab did report.
    Adult industry isn’t the only one looking to hide exposure risks…lots of stuff needs two tests and this how other industries have done it.

  18. Not sure about CA..Ohio any licensed MD or PA can order the labs, patient doesn’t need to go to specific lab/draw center…lab tests reports to ordering doc and health dept if warranted. Doc orders confirmatory test, doesn’t matter what lab/draw center..test run, reports to doc and health dept…even when two different labs report the health dept can link…doc reports actual diagnosis for linking. Patient works with doc, health dept or opts out of partner notification services.

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