A Good JAV Site and General Saturday Commentary

Whatever yesterdays big announcement was it never materialized and really I’m not surprised.  The most anticipated announcement this week will be the announcement of AVN Award Nominess

Usually they are released on Wed before Thanksgiving at noon but that isnt set in stone.

There’s lots of speculation going on but other that the Streammate purchase and something going on at Live Jasmine its all pretty quiet in porn land save for the usual stuff.

Some people were asking about the JAV  site, the guy on the lesser site agrees with me but thought I was crazy to join a site when its available on tubesites.

Well I wouldn’t want people stealing my content and I dont think it right to steal someone elses, specially when for 30 bucks I can stream or download 17,000 JAV titles.  I looked at several sites and AsiaMoviePass seemed to be a good deal (and it is) and the content is licensed.

Would I recommend it?  Yes  its a good deall  heres a banner, if you join please join from this site you dont pay any extra and I get a small cut.




69190cookie-checkA Good JAV Site and General Saturday Commentary

A Good JAV Site and General Saturday Commentary

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  1. Japanese Obscenity law is very clear on that point (Thank You Genral McArthur)

    on the flip side sites like asiamoviepass have plenty of unpixilated JAV

  2. I don’t know why you think that site licenses its content. It is all stolen content, and sites like that get away with it because Japanese producers don’t know how or don’t bother to send DMCA notices. But that is starting to change. In fact you are inadvertently supporting content theft by promoting them.

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