A Call To Fuck Up

It’s a very slow news day in porn, it was slow all weekend.  Someone needs to epically and publicly fuck up.


Diane Duke, Mark Kernes…come on y’all some one step up will ya?

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A Call To Fuck Up

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  1. Don’t worry, someone will fuck up soon I am sure. In this case no news is good news IMO. It may also be slow because the Independence Day holiday is this week, many could have closed up their studios for the week and went on vacation.

  2. Heard a rumor that Michael Whiteacre is giving lessons on his twitter about giving himself enemas? Check it out, I just don’t know about some of those porn fan guy weirdos anymore. I guess he is really trying to make himself relevant to the porn industry for something.
    He’ll be in court with his boyfriend in vegas tomorrow at 9:00 am to stalk and harass Monica Foster. Lets see how that plays out.

  3. Maybe Christina Parreira will get butt raped by some methed out client at the brothel and Strap on boy Whiteacre will go crazy and jump off
    one of the tallest buildings in Las Vegas belly full on sushi and make a
    real splash down below. He’s always wanted to get noticed for something in the adult industry obits for something.

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