A Bit More on ATKingdom

from the emails I am getting its pretty obvious the guys getting stiffed are the ones shooting on spec for the company. Talent of course gets paid but the guys selling scenes are not. There is also a lengthy thread on this on GFY, some pretty well known shooters are upset about being stiffed by ATK

This isn’t the first time there have been problems of this sort nor is this the first time that owner Kim Nielson has bankrupted a company

Back in 2010 he bankrupted a furniture company


If you shoot content on spec you might want to consider a cash up front policy on these guys.

I haven’t been contacted by Nielson or anyone from ATKingdom, I have been contacted by performers who said they always got paid no problem.

Addition:  It has also come to my attention that kim nielson is on the Advisory Council of ASACP

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A Bit More on ATKingdom

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  1. Kim Nielsen Is Part Of LATATA Organization But Can’t Pay His Own Bills

    LATATA wants to charge producers 20 dollars per day

    –Tom Byron

    On his Friday afternoon show Rob Black talked more about the LATATA organization led by Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler who have decided to institute their own testing policy for talent and the extra fee to be paid by the producers.

    “We were talking last night and had a really long conversation about the agents. We were talking about Derek Hay and his attempted bid to take over the adult industry and undermine everything that Christian Mann and his own people are working on. Which makes it comical.”

    “So on hillbilly boy’s site over there, there is a story about ATKingdom and the owner Kim Nielsen and how they owe some shooter over there money for over 120 days. That’s four fucking months, you guys realize that? Four months. i would owe somebody money for a month and I would get tortured.’

    “So ATKingdom owes some poor bastard money going back almost hall a year. But that’s not the really fascinating thing.”

    You guys wanna know what the most fascinating thing is?”

    “ATKingdom and Kim Nielsen are also one of the many diverse and prominent director/studios that are part of the new LATATA agreement. The great Kim Nielsen is going to be part of the gang of four or six who are going to pay LATATA and Derek Hay $20 per person, per day to supplement the talent’s now 30 day testing policy, not 14 day that Free Speech Coalition instituted, but 30 day.”

    “Now what I find interesting, and maybe hillbilly boy Mike South can help me with this. If ATKingdom are buys products from directors, are those directors required to pay $20 dollars per day, because Kim Nielsen and Derek Hay have decided that is going to be the new policy.”

    “So does Kim Nielsen have to pay Derek Hay and do their directors them have to be reimbursed the money that they laid out because they shot their movie on spec?”

    “According to Mike South Kim Nielsen and ATKingdom aren’t paying their directors. So how does a guy who ain’t paying nobody be part of an organization that’s gonna pay people more? Holy shit!”

    “Kim Nielsen is pledging to pay more money to talent that he’s not paying! Holy shit! How the fuck do you come up with that? That might be the most interesting and fascinating thing I’ve ever heard.”

    “How does a guy who owes people money for four months be part of an organization with Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler, charging producers and encouraging other producers to pitch in $20 more across the board in addition to the $100 dollars they already pay for fees when he doesn’t even pay his producers in the first place?”

    “This is the funniest shit. It’s absolutely comical.”

    “Here’s what else is funny, you have Glenn King who is at Evil Angel, Johnni Darko, Evil Angel, Mike Adriano, Evil Angel, Dan Leal who hangs out with Derek Hay and puts Derek in his movies, Holly Randall, I have no idea what’s she’s doing, Rasheed, never heard of him. Laura, who I assume is Laura of Ryan Driller, Christian fame, gay Laura.”

    “And you have Kim Nielsen, who hasn’t paid his directors in four months.”

    “What you have is a LATATA coalition of dogshit. And the Evil Angel directors are especially dogshit because they are going against their own boss.”

    “It makes them look retarded, because it’s not like they’re moderate Republicans going against John Boehner with a better plan.”

    “The plan itself is so retarded is makes their boss looks less retarded. It’s not like all five of you guys are going condoms and people say ‘wow they’re bucking the system’

    “No, you go to your boss and say now we’re gonna only test once a month and we’re gonna charge everyone, including you, more money, and we’re gonna let people who test once a month work with the two week tested people and throw off the whole system that the boss created and create even more confusion among talent.”

    “So talent, this is who you’re following. This is who your leaders are. Mark Spiegler and Derek Hay. Who tells the studios that all the producers have to pay $20 extra and they all have to comply or they’re jacking talent’s rates up.”

    “So one way or another studios, you’re all paying Derek Hay. The English cunt. And his little troll sidekick Spiegs.”

    “There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Derek Hay.”

    “Sheriff Derek is riding in, but instead of a horse, he rides in on Mark Spiegler’s naked back, except for the tighty whities he’s wearing with shit stains down the back.”

    “And as Mark Spiegler is on all fours, Sheriff Derek puts on his leather assless chaps and he sits on Mark Spiegler’s back, and Sheriff Derek has spurs to plunge into Spiegs’ fleshy underbelly.”

    “Sheriff Derek and Spiegs ride into the valley where they go to each and every studio and say you’re gonna pay $20 see, on every talent you book.”

    “This is the organization you have. And you all sit there and take it. With Kim Nielsen who doesn’t even pay his directors but wants all of you studios to pay $20 extra.”

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