Real Talent From Porn, It Does Exist!

I like Happy Holidaze and because of that I am going to refrain from any bad news from now il after my birthday (Dec 26th) and instead I want to focus on good things.  The first of which is Rodney Moore.

Rodney (David Perry) and I both came into the biz in the early 90s and we both kind of recognized the facial niche as being a good one, today it’s the standard ending, back then it was maybe once in 25 scenes, so we catered to it, we also both primarily shot amateurs and we both saw success.

One thing I always noticed about Rodney was that he was creative, for example his VHS title “Cum Brothers Go To Traffic School” was genuinely funny something every porner tried but few could do.  Rodney, like me is still in the biz but he has turned his hobbies of music and video making into a youtube channel and if you ever want to see proof that some porn people really do have amazing artistic talent look no further than his youtube channel.  Read the liner notes for the songs.  This is one of the very few AVN Award worthy things this year and of course it isn’t even nominated So call it Award for “The Best, Period.” Thank You Rodney

That’s his youtube channel, among my favorites are his covers of “Use Me”,  his satire of “Waitin On A Woman”, and The Best Song About Seattle Summers” which he wrote as well, he has a great singing voice and an amazing talent for both music and videography and editing.

My hats off to an amazing talent and a good friend for many many years.  I am proud to share this channel with my readers!

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Real Talent From Porn, It Does Exist!

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  1. So not a cat person…. those vids are cute as can be and no litter box odor. Some nice guitars too. 😉 do kudos count if they come from a tech idiot?

  2. Thanks for the share Mike! Great flexible, smooth singing voice. He can probably do a hell of a lot of covers, probably one of those guys that grew up with a dick in one hand, and a guitar in the other LOL.
    Gotta say his cat is a super huge mega star. I could watch videos of your friend playing guitar and hanging out with the cat all day. The internet LOVES cats. (and also, me, I love cats) I’m thinking he can make some money with that, if he hasn’t already!

  3. Wow, Mike, I wasn’t expecting that. Saying “Thank you” seems inadequate. What a fantastic Christmas present. I know we both miss the “old days” of the 90’s, the excitement of going to the CES show (now, it’s “oh no, is it that time of year again?), the fun of meeting and shooting new girls, girls who had to really want to do this kind of work since back then it was still very much taboo, whereas now it’s almost cool to be doing porn. Anyway, I hope you have a great 2016. I like to say to quote an old SNL character, “Porn been berry berry good to me.” It enabled me to have the free time now to get back to my first love, doing music, and to have the means to have any equipment I need to do it properly.

    So Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to you and thanks to all your readers who click on my youtube channel and I hope you enjoy the music. — Rodney/David

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