10 Stupid Things Porners Believe

1. The guy makes a difference. The truth is, the less that is seen, and particularly heard from the guy during a sex scene….The Better. Porn is about fantasy, the average guy watches porn and transference takes place. Sou you use average guys for optimal results, if the guy is too good looking or too bad looking you defeat the purpose.

2. Democrats are our friends. This should be self explanatory, but it isn’t. The ONLY party that has said that porn is and should remain legal is the Libertarian Party. Both major parties have, in the past and will in the future continue to try to eradicate us.

3. People actually want to see Screech/Verne Troyer fuck. I mean really y’all.

4. That anyone in porn can tell a story on film, maybe once upon a time but not any more. In the days of Classic porn films like The Opening of Misty Beethoven, the people who made porn actually had been educated in the art of film making. Now days that education consists of figuring out how to put the camera in automatic exposure mode.

5. That anyone in porn can act. Lets be honest here, if you could act, you wouldn’t be in porn. Did you even take an acting class?

6. That anyone cares if anyone in porn can act. If you want to see a film that tells a good story, with people who can act, and a writer who knows what a character arc is what the hell are you doing watching porn? You just want to see attractive girls fucking on camera, most of whom can’t even convincingly act like they like what they are doing.

7. That retail sales of porn have a future. Face it IVD, GVA and all the other scumbag middle men, your days are done, retail may have some life left in it but it doesn’t have a future. Just the dying flutters.

8. That porn and mainstream can merge. Even if it DID happen, and it won’t that would be the end of the porn companies. You’d get your porn from new Line Cinema, and really…..who do you think would do a better job them or Vivid?

9. That any publicity is good publicity. tell that to Rob Black or Max. Rob got his moment in the limelight where he dared the Department of Justice to come after him. Rob was recently released from a federal correctional facility.

10. That Sharon Mitchell is a Doctor. The extent of her formal, accredited education is a GED. AIM is and has been a sham for a very long time. And we wonder how AIDS Healthcare Foundation got their foot in the door? We invited them y’all.

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10 Stupid Things Porners Believe

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  1. Ahhh, Mariah has spoken. That must make it so. This quote pretty much sums her up in a nutshell.

    ”The job offers are drying up so it was time to give up the ass.”

    Six months ago she said that she was only going to shoot for her own sites from now on. I guess she has to pay for that house she just moved into.

  2. Ya the bottom line is Jules offered to pay the most.

    Funny thing is her site content is all over brazzers tube sites….way to go Mariah.

  3. libertarians aren’t our friends because its federal law that protects us. It goes back to the states you are screwed.
    The democrats arent our friends but they dont make going after porn a priority.
    The Meese Report authored by Regan’s Attorney General Edwin Meese was most influential in the initial passage of §2257.

    The now unconstitutional Child Online Protection Act (COPA) was authored by Sen. Dan Coats a Republican Senator from Indiana. (Who incidentally replaced Dan Quale — George H Bush’s Vice President.)

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