0DayPorno Site Looks To Connect Customers To Content Producers

Yes This is a soft ad but it is of interest to readers who are both customers and content producers.  They don’t steal content like the tubesites do and the site is fast and looks good.  Check it out!


The world’s largest affiliate directory SignBucks.com launches 0DayPorno.com to bring visitors members area updates the same day they are released. The site has signed exclusive deals with over 400 famous porn studios.  0DayPorno displays raw quality content previews along with original details for specific scenes like set description and featured models.

The idea of the site is to bring viewers the freshest material that didn’t hit the Tubes yet and focus on content quality which digital pirates can hardly offer. The history of previous updates helps them understand what they are paying for and better compare various premium sites. Also professional affiliate webmasters can use 0DayPorno for their business purposes to promote listed paysites with maximum efficiency.

John Deiz, company CEO:

“Our team monitors over 400 paysites and publishes update previews as soon as they appear inside of the members areas. We work directly with famous and well-respected porn studios from around the world. As 0DayPorno reaches its full potential we will be offering our visitors instant photo and video preview updates from 4 to 5 thousands of paysites in all genres. We believe that giving surfers the ultimate preview tool directly linked to content producers is the best way to develop a habit of paying for quality porn.”

Free previews at 0DayPorno.com include 2-minute clips, video screenshots and/or a picture gallery with just 5% of the thumbs fully visible. All the latest updates are also displayed on the pages of SignBucks.com and Porno.ws networks. All the models get listed in BabeCake.net models directory and thus content producers get traffic from the whole network of sites.

Additional Info

It is an established fact that adult business suffers huge losses from all kinds of digital piracy. Surfers got used to downloading low-quality free porn from tubes, torrent networks and other sources. Thus the money ends up in the fraudsters’ pockets while the actual studios and paysites get minimum profit. 0DayPorno’s mission is to change the way things are in adult entertainment by helping connect the potential customers directly with content producers.

0DayPorno.com already works with  Ztod, 21Sextury, FTV Girls, Karup’s, FameDollars, DDF, PimpRoll, PerfectGonzo, ATK, RoyalCash, SeriousPartners/WTFBucks, SeriousCash, DieselAction, ManicaMoney, HushCash and lots of  other partnership programs and content producers.

In order to participate please follow this form http://www.0DayPorno.com/pages/partnership/

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0DayPorno Site Looks To Connect Customers To Content Producers

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16 Responses

  1. Thx for introducing this one. The industry needs more sites of that kind and actually do something to fight piracy

  2. Not sure if you realize this, but this is pretty much how most of the major tube sites now operate. Companies give them clips and pay them out on affiliate revenue. Not to say that there’s not piracy, and that there aren’t tube sites out there that aren’t better than others, but most tube sites are just TGPs on steroids.

  3. xhamster, pornhub network, etc are far from being legit
    tubes still pirate in 95% rate

  4. Think I’m getting the TGP part of the equation & shared affiliate revenue too.

    Is the difference here limiting content to Owner authorized vs accepting UGC where the owner often has to rely on paying/sharing revenue with a third party (like APAP) or lose out entirely to the parasitic pirate hosting someone else’s content?

  5. Where do torrent sites fit in to this?
    Posters in almost every forum I participate in freely admit that they have multiple external hard drives full of porn from torrent sites…

  6. @Lacey

    Not real clear but I think it has to with the pirated content being hosted on torrent sites as a way to shield the parasitic pirate.

  7. torrent sites are like napster was thepiratebay is a torrent site…

    basically they work like this they only host pointers to where a particular file lives on the internet. when you download a torrent you have to have a bittorrent program to actually locate and download the file to your computer, it gets the file from other people who have downloaded it, including yourself.

    simply put 1 person uploads a file and 100 people then download it from him. as they download it they also become hosts for the pieces of that file so it propagates very quickly if its popular. the more people that download it the more people that are hosting the file and making it available for download from them to others. The bit torrent part essentially breaks the file up into pieces so that it can be downloaded from multiple people thus maximizing the download speed (remember most people can download much faster than they can upload)
    Its actually rather complex and cumbersome and requires port forwarding and stuff that the average computer user simply doesnt want to fuck wth….thats why tube sites are much more popular they are idiot proof.

  8. Can’t tell you how many Skype messages I had today with people laughing their asses off at this one. John Deiz runs these sites as well, among many others like them: http://www.bestcelebsextapes.com
    http://www.leakedcelebritysextapes.com/ (Yes, I know there are a few legit programs..but that’s just it and it’s only a few) . So let me get this straight…. This guy is going to preach anti-piracy on one hand but jack all this celebrity content like it’s a free for all on the other? Pot meet kettle.

  9. I’m definitely no super pro on the internet, but even I’ve downloaded certain stuff from torrent sites and thought it was extremely easy…???

    Download bit torrent program. Go to torrent site. Locate file. Download.
    It can’t get much easier than that?
    Plus, you can find just about EVERYTHING on there… it’s like an illegal flea market… hahaha.

  10. oh it gets a lot harder specially now that most ISPs routinely block the ports used by bittorrent programs so that means you have to set up port forwarding on an alternative port and unless yer half crazy you also need to be using a VPN

  11. Well whether he is actually genuinely practising the anti piracy thing, sites like this that give the appearance at least of keeping content legit improve the industry’s image

  12. It might be that it is a beautiful hot day over here and my brain is relaxed and working slow, but how exactly this differs from affiliation and how exactly does fight piracy? Who is behind it? You say SIgnBucks, but i see no mention at all on the website. There is no ToS, there is no 2257, there is no age warning: maybe some of those are not needed, depending where they operate, but for a website asking for free access to my members area it looks pretty anonymous to me. I have stopped being interested in affiliates two months after i entered the industry, but my first rule to fight piracy is not to give access to my site unless you pay or i know and trust your identity and i certainly would not be interested to give such a site access to my content straight from my members area. Not a very professional approach, so far, for someone who claim to offer a service to help fighting piracy.

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