FSC can you hear me?

I want to officially ask the Free Speech Coalition where they are on this Visa thing? They should be knee deep in getting an injunction stopping this bullshit until they can file federal anti-trust and restraint of free trade lawsuits.

The FSC wants to represent us? well here is their chance to do something to help us. If for example they tackle this head on they can count on my moral and MONETARY support. I’d give THEM the 750.00 as opposed to paying it to Visa but if they sit on the sidelines and let this get by…well that’s exactly what I expect them to do.

More on Max:

The jury hung 6-6 after ten hours of deliberation. The prosecution hasn’t yet announced if they will retry the case. Odds are that the prosecution will offer Max the same deal they did to Jeff Steward and Adam Glasser (Seymore) and be done with it, that way they avoid being handed a loss and Max gets out for 1000 dollars plus what he spent on Jeffery Douglas for this trial.

5400cookie-checkFSC can you hear me?

FSC can you hear me?

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