Stories That Not Be False: ‘Free speech is racist’ cries Gender Studies professor Rinaldo Walcott

Today’s edition of Stories That Not Be False™, a series inspired by the illiteracy of a bloated crone named India, takes us to Ryerson University, a state funded university in Canada where Rinaldo Walcott, a professor of Gender Studies recently shared his views.


Stories That Not Be False: 'Free speech is racist' cries Gender Studies professor Rinaldo Walcott

Toronto’s Ryerson University recently hosted a multi-day “White Privilege Conference“. According to Dr. Denise O’neil Green, the Vice-President of Equity and Community Inclusion (yes, that’s a real title), the goal of the conference was to:

“…bring a myriad of voices to the table so that we can have honest conversations and overcome these obstacles together. This is an inclusive event rooted in the desire to uplift people from all walks of life, and we welcome diverse perspectives so that our solutions are representative of our society…”

Conservative news site Far Left Watch reports:

So what kind of curriculum were Canadian tax dollars being spent on? In addition to an “Aboriginal Art Tour”, an “Indigenous Walking Tour”, and a Youth Program designed to teach students in grades 6 through 12 how to “dismantle white supremacy, white privilege and other forms of oppression in their communities”, the conference also consisted of multiple lectures and breakout sessions with titles like “Combating Systemic Racism in School Mathematics” and “White People: From Origins in North America to a Global Norm”. One of the keynote speakers at this conference was Rinaldo Walcott, who is the Director of the Women & Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. When we saw he was a featured speaker we thought his name was familiar. It turns out he is the same professor who said that free speech and academic freedom are “white supremacist speech”.

Here are some more of Walcott’s deep thoughts:

The great irony is that this cultural critic who claims that “universities are white supremacists institutions” is a salaried professor invited to deliver the keynote speech at a multi-day “White Privilege Conference” at a state-funded university.

Walcott is just one of many professors who use their position and influence in academia to advance an ideology that only views the world through the lens of “victim vs. oppressor”, and like many other far-left Professors, the criteria he uses to define “white supremacy” appears to get broader by the day.

He has been called out for racism in the past. Here’s an example:

Walcott sees racism everywhere, except in the mirror, naturally.

It’s also interesting to note that Walcott spells as poorly as India the bloated crone. Another example:

In ‘vein’? Is there something you’re not telling us, Rinaldo Walcott? Or is english grammar yet another racist tool? Methinks you’re the racist tool.

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Stories That Not Be False: ‘Free speech is racist’ cries Gender Studies professor Rinaldo Walcott

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  1. You don’t see what anti-free speech forces have to do with porn’s fight against censorship? Porn is among the least popular speech out there. Without free speech protections, which fanatics like Walcott want to whisk away, it’s bye bye to porn and a lot more.

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