Sex Addiction is a Myth #Science

If you ever watched the show “Adam Ruins Everything” you’ll probably really enjoy today’s article. He’s now on TikTok by the way and he posted an interesting little video. SEX ADDICTION IS A MYTH!

Despite what religious zealots might tell you, sex addiction isn’t really a thing. At least not scientifically. Sex addiction as a disorder was rejected from the latest edition of the psychiatric manual the DSM-V.

A study at UCL found that “hypersexuality” was really just having a normally high libido.

This study found that people who claim to have a “porn addiction” don’t really watch more porn than average. They just morally disapprove of porn and feel shame for watching it.

Sex Addiction is a Myth!

So who’s been pushing it? Two groups. 1) Sex-hating religious zealots who want you to think that sex is a drug that drives you mad. 2) Assholes who appropriate the language of addiction to make excuses for their hateful and violent acts.

Harvey Weinstein tried to claim he had a sex addiction and now the sex worker killer in Atlanta.

It is vitally important that we stop spreading and stop the media from spreading the MYTH of sex addiction because it distracts from the reason reasons behind the hateful attacks.

Adam Conover has a podcast called Factually and he’ll be interviewing the researcher from UCLA behind this groundbreaking study debunking the sex addiction myth. You can keep up with all he’s up to at

You can also follow him on TikTok @adamconover.





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Sex Addiction is a Myth #Science

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