Debt collections are getting into technology

The US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed a new set of regulations recently that would allow debt collectors to text and email you and there are no limitations. This means they could potentially send an unlimited number of text messages trying to get you to pay a past due bill.

Current regulations were created in 1977, called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, long before the invention of the internet and cell phones. The current rules prevent a debt collector from calling you more than once every 7 days. This means that if you answer your phone today and tell them to fuck off, they can’t call you for another 7 days.

However, the new proposed regulations also clarify how debt collectors can use email and texts, placing no hard limits on the number of electronic messages they can send to debtors.

Even crazier is that these debt collectors will also be able to contact you on social media sites like Facebook messenger and via Twitter direct messages. The only rule there is that it must be through a private channel that isn’t “viewable by a potentially wide array of the consumer’s social or professional colleagues.” So basically, they can slide into your DMs, but they can’t @ you.

Seriously … those annoying ass hats are now going to hit you up on Facebook now telling you to pay your bills.

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Debt collections are getting into technology

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4 Responses

  1. Telemarketers are way out of control (I get +10 a day) so why not add to the mess with letting these Vampires spam you as well?

  2. This is great for companies who have been fucked over. Msay people have bad credit and don’t care. This will make them care because they will be harassed and have to own up to their debt.

  3. I used to love getting telemarketer calls. Id fuck with these callers to no end. Id do like Jerky Boys pranks on them while id record it to play later to laughing friends. I even went so far as to get an easy number for my land line back in the day so i could get as many telemarketer calls as possible.

    Bill collectors were great fun because they would mistake my new number with some dead beat that actually owed them money. I would be so obscene with them and they would always call back to do my schtick all over again. I had such great fun back then.

  4. Skirm, that isn’t a bad idea. I have had the same landline for decades and get telemarketer calls left and right. Usually I just hang up on them but telling the cute sounding female telemarketers how much I want to fuck them up the ass and that they should eat Maggie Gyllenhal’s, Reese “I Like to Get Arrested While Drunk” Witherspoon, Jodie Foster’s, Sandra Bullock’s or Betty White’s snatch out and describing them doing so in detail sounds like a riot! I can describe the guys getting AIDS dick from Charlie Sheen or Magic Johnson then fucking Mitch McConnell up the ass. Unfortunately Michigan still has a law where obscenity over the phone can result in your phone being permanently disconnected and my almost 100 year old father would have too much trouble figuring out how to use a modern cell phone — so I don’t dare risk having my landline disconnected.

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