Outrage as, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram face the Biggest hack in history?

Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram are facing the Biggest possible hack in history? Outage hits Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram as the fallout continues. If you are attempting to log into one of these social media giants accounts, you may have noticed the platforms are down. Here is why.

Users using of Facebook credentials to log in to third-party apps such as Pokemon Go and Match Masters were also facing issues. #FaceBookhacked

Facebook instagram and Whatsapp hacked

From this point on it is feared things can only get worse, well for a time.

How is Facebook hacked?
Facebook has been chastised for its lack of security and privacy. The social media platform has been hacked several times, and the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018 has left it with a tarnished reputation.

The Dark Web

Today Millions of Facebook usernames and passwords are now available on the Dark Web, thanks to recent data leaks. Hackers can utilize these details in phishing attacks to acquire passwords through bogus login pages or fool users into sending money. A false movie is used in one well-known Facebook Messenger scam to trick individuals into visiting a fake login page. The “is that you” video, which was first observe. The countless various hacking tactics were being used.

How to tell is you were Hacked


If your Facebook account has been hijacked, here’s how to know.
An email notifying you that your password has been changed is usually the first clue that your Facebook account has been stolen. Adversaries will next attempt to lock you out of your account by altering your account recovery choices and email address. “You’ve probably been hacked if you’re abruptly logged out of Facebook and your password no longer works.

What measures can you take to regain access to your Facebook account?


If you’re afraid that your account has been hacked, you can request a data download. You can view which devices are logged in and their location, as well as any modifications to your profile.

It’s famously tough to recover your account once you’ve confirmed you’ve been hacked.

Initially, you should use Facebook’s self-service account recovery process if and when the platform is up and running.

You should go through Facebook’s self-service account recovery method. After that, you’ll be asked what tipped you off to the breach, and you’ll be given the option to add a passport or driver’s license to establish your identity.

702914cookie-checkOutrage as, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram face the Biggest hack in history?

Outrage as, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram face the Biggest hack in history?

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