Hip-Hop was created by the CIA

Hip-Hop was created by the CIA says former agent

Hip-Hop was created by the CIA as a method of social disruption.   For those of us who hate the canned auto-tuned music that is blared in all nightclubs across the country, listen up! Hip hop won’t die because, according to retired CIA agent John Homeston, it was artificially created in the first place. A CIA covert operation started in the 80s, to socially engineer a generation who were anti-establishment, nihilist, and prone to drug use. Now, over 50 years since it’s inception, it was “one of the most successful experiments of propaganda, to date”. This is particularly evident in it’s influence over America’s black culture.

The 77 year old ex-CIA operative used the National Russian Television (NTV) to spread his message to the media controlled world. He went on to claim that Hip Hop promoter, now Global Head of Music for Google & YouTube, Lyor Cohen is a CIA asset. The imposing Cohen has been at the forefront of hip-hop, managing Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys arrival on the scene. Even brokering the first music / merchandise endorsement with Run DMC signing a million dollar deal with Adidas. In their videos the laces were scrapped for a prison culture ‘hip’ look and the cultural manipulation was seeded.

The bombshell interview with Homerston went on to explain that money was pumped into this social engineering project. He claims that the Gangsta Rap songs performed by NWA were actually scripted by war propagandist and psychologist CIA members. Lyrics chosen to foster anti-American ideologies, particularly among youth already filled with angst. While President Reagan and his wife Nancy were pulling out all stops to create an anti-drug campaign to keep Gen Xers from ever starting drugs. The CIA was running a counter culture campaign of their own filled with anti establishment and pro-drug rebellion. Creating songs like “fuck tha Police” with NWA, which has since had three more renditions, to keep the anti-establishment and social unrest alive long before the ‘defund the polic” ‘campaigns became promoted by inner-city politicians..

There have been a lot of allegations and conjecture over CIA involvement in manipulation the political landscape in recent months. This latest allegation of foul play and social engineering comes after it was recently revealed that the CIA was secretly funding and promoting several American Artists (all now deceased), during the 50s and 60s,. The objective at the time seemed to be part of the cold war, to contrast American abstract expressionism against the State-sanctioned propaganda pieces of the Socialist regimes. Whatever the case, the fact remains that practically since it’s inception the Central Intelligence Agency has been involved in promoting the arts in an effort to sway (or more aptly, manipulate) public opinion.

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Hip-Hop was created by the CIA

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