Who cares about the law when we have the court of public opinion

Ever notice how those who don’t have a legal leg to stand on, try their case in the court of public opinion and sometimes even twist the facts to make their side of the case sound more legit?

Case in point ….

Charlotte Cross stated on Twitter that Derek “fled the country“, implying he was scared to face her in court. Truth was, according to the documents posted on AVN.com, the case was filed on June 19, 2018.

However, the story wasn’t run on AVN until July 4th, at which time Derek was on his way out of the country, for a scheduled business trip.

When he came home from said trip, he went to Exxxotica Miami, for again a scheduled event – an event where hundreds of people have met him. He doesn’t seem like he’s hiding to me.

That’s a far cry from “fleeing the country” that Charlotte Cross is stating. But again when you are trying your case in the court of public opinion, that’s just what you have to do. You have to take the facts and twist them to make your own case sound better because your case has no actual merit.

They could have served Derek at any time prior to his pre-scheduled trip out of the country but they didn’t. It wasn’t because they didn’t know where he was.

He has an office where he is at every single day when he’s not on a business trip. They had at least two weeks prior to the article being released to serve him, but it’s far more salacious to lie and simply say, Derek Hay fled the country to avoid being served.

That’s when you know your case is falling apart. A REAL attorney always tells his client to shut their mouth and don’t discuss the case, let the judge deal with the facts and then you can talk about it after.

Clearly, that isn’t what is going on here.


274990cookie-checkWho cares about the law when we have the court of public opinion

Who cares about the law when we have the court of public opinion

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4 Responses

  1. Charlotte Cross can go get fucked up the ass by an AIDS infested john in a seedy, rent by the week hotel on Lankershim Blvd in front of that strip club where Rob Black kept his office/studio/sometimes residence along with the homosexuals, trannies and crack addicts. If Derek was what her attorney claims in his complaint he would have went up to Soledad, Corcoran, San Quentin or another California prison years ago on rape charges. Charlotte’s attorney essentially accuses Derek of rape by coercion. She also essentially accuses him of pimping, I can’t argue that he isn’t a pimp in the technical sense but I don’t think he is hurting his clients by referring them to the escort service he part owns to protect them from the riff raff on Hollywood Blvd. They also make four times the money escorting (even after Derek’s cut) than they would standing on a seedy street corner flagging some low class john — possibly VD ridden, drunk or high off of his ass (I may not have had VD but when I was fucking street hookers I was drunk as hell and the only class I had was when I taught at a university, back then outside of work I had less class than Jeff Mike Steward on a whiskey bender fucking Belladonna up the ass with a Louisville Slugger). At least with the escort service the johns are verified as able to pay and background checked to keep cops, rapists and ax murderers from seeing clients. I know if I were a hot woman I would rather make $1200 an hour (after commission), likely not get arrested and fuck a clean, reasonably decent person that can pay than risk hooking on Hollywood and Vine for $300 an hour maximum, take my chances on whatever street meat drove up to fuck me and get arrested (and probably raped by the cops for free) three times a week. Also, with the escort service the john provides the hotel room, with street meat the hooker has to pay for a nearby hotel room or fuck in the back of the john’s car. Hell, for the money in pimping at an escort service maybe I should get into it (NOT).

  2. Prostitutes are the #1 target of serial killers (low hanging fruit). By using a high class escort agency the girls clients are vetted and they pretty much eliminate the chances of them ending up with a serial killer as opposed to girls working the streets.

  3. You are right about prostitutes and serial killers (or killers in general), Karma. On that I fully agree. We both say that escort agencies vet clients and protect prostitutes. I think escort agencies do much more for both their clients and johns and that Derek is correct morally in steering his adult film agency clients to an agency (of which there are only two major escort agencies on the west coast — his agency Luxury Companion and Slixa — the latter might not be structured as a traditional escort agency but they serve as one, Trinity St. Whore and her pimp friend also have one but they are small and very dishonest with a horrible reputation, there are also several mom and pop agencies that I cannot speak knowledgeably about) rather than taking the moral high ground and refusing those services to his talent agency clients on conflict of interest grounds.

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