War Machine Gets Engaged

War Hammer has been in jail for a year now, and he’s already found God, tried to kill himself once or twice and now he’s found love and even gotten engaged. The one thing he hasn’t done is admit what a horrible piece of s hit he is for doing what he did to Christy Mack and Corey Thomas.

Luckily War Machine won’t be eligible for parole until he is 71 years old and his marriage will have to wait a long time to be consummated because Nevada does not allow conjugal visits.

The 36-year-old former MMA fighter, Jonathan Koppenhaver, claims he has fell in love with pen pal Ashley Farrington who began writing to him after he was found guilty last year and began serving his life sentence.

The scary part is, the crazy woman has introduced her child to this man.

Here’s a love poem the psycho wrote to the woman. who he now calls the love of his life.

To: The Love-of-my-life,

I feel a pain inside

The love we share brings me to tears

I’m desperate to fully express it

But there aren’t adequate words, nor will I live enough years

For this is an eternal love

One I feel I have always known

Even if only in my dreams

Or, perhaps, in the marrow of my bones…

Were you once in me?

What did God do?

Did he cut me open

And make out of me, a you?

Is that why words fail to express

And why I feel that, for you, I must bleed?

I want to be your hero, for you I’d gladly die

You must know that my love is true in deed

And here we have the greatest mystery solved

Of why Christ came to die

Words must have failed him too

A man needs his love to know he’s no lie

And so he came and bled

For you and me and Coben too

Words fail all true love

And that’s why, Ashley, I wish I could die for you


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War Machine Gets Engaged

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10 Responses

  1. Why should Jonatwink Koppencocksucker (otherwise known as the Prison “War”den’s Homosexual Twink Fucktoy) be allowed to marry, anyway? IMO if someone goes to prison his (or her) right to marry should be suspended until he (or she) is out and off of parole. The only “love” he should be allowed to have is forced ten man gang bangs with his asshole and throat being the “vaginas” and he should be forcibly and violently raped and beaten nightly to atone for what he did to Christy Mack, her boyfriend and the 20 people he fucked up at that party Derek Hay put on for Brooke Haven (her birthday IIRC) about 7-8 years ago including Derek himself. I will refresh everyone’s memory with that one, War put Derek and about 20 other people in the ICU that night (they managed to keep the girlfriend from being fucked up too badly — comparatively). If I recall War started brutally beating his then girlfriend, Derek and about ten others then stepped in to protect the girlfriend and when War beat the piss out of all ten the whole crowd stepped in to put a stop to the fracas and War managed to put about ten more in the ICU before he was subdued! There are a couple of articles right here on Mike South covering that fracas, I am speaking from memory of them but I know I am very close to what actually happened.

  2. Any girl that writes to and then gets engaged or married to lifers in prison are just soft in the head.

  3. Agreed, Karma. However, it is a waste of taxpayer money to support these marriages — anything from paying a minister to conduct the wedding in-prison, guard overtime to make sure nothing goes wrong and allowing the non-incarcerated person to come into the facility (possibly with weapons to break her future husband out of prison) for the wedding to (at least theoretically) transporting the inmate to the courthouse for a JP or county clerk wedding if required by state law which is even more expensive. Not allowing the marriage while incarcerated is also a punishment that fits any crime and in this case protects the woman from a possible savage beating when her husband finally gets out of prison.

  4. Women like this always baffle me. Heck, they can’t even have sex so there is not even a pro creation angle. And she introduces her son to him.

    War is behind bars, under super vision, he can’t take out any anger or abuse on a woman. So, he can say all the lovey dovey things she wants to hear; the “I found GOD’ angle is always a favorite of violent offenders.

    Whether he changed or not, I don’t know and don’t particularly care unless he gets released. But , for a woman to read his story and decide to start writing him, and then commit her life to him in a “marriage” ; someone she will never go out with, travel with, share lifes moments with, what kind of example is that to her son?

    There always is someone, hey.

  5. MHarris, I mean this with all due respect, because I relish your posts as entertaining, thoughtful, and in depth, but if the topic of prison comes up, your posts get very graphic, Does the criminal justice system hold some context for you or someone close? Obviously, that’s personal and I respect that it’s none of my business, (well, i guess not completely, because obviously I’m asking anyway, but i just got curious)……

  6. I don’t know how personal this is but I am sick and tired of rapists and murderers not getting their due. Of course in Michigan they probably do get it, usually in spades (I knew an attorney that sued the state for it’s brutal treatment of prisoners including essentially using bubba rape as part of their punishment no matter what the underlying crime) but in many states that type of torture in prisons isn’t systematic like it is here in Michigan, almost all current or recent US prison inmates are/were raped once or twice and beaten by fellow inmates a few times but it isn’t nightly to weekly like it is here. For the record rapists and premeditated murderers deserve routine rape and beatings as part of the punishment for their crimes but lesser criminals like drunk drivers and burglars do not.

    Also, I have never even been arrested, certainly not incarcerated. I know people that have been to state prison as inmates but have never been there myself.

  7. I think prisons should be places you go to be punished, not a country club with 3 squares a day and cable TV. Make em work to grow their own food or something.

  8. That drivel reads more like plea to save him from suicidal idealization than a profession of love.

    How sad this woman is martyring herself to a situation where her child and unborn grandchildren could consummate marriages before her.

  9. Karma, Louisiana’s men’s prison (Angola) officials still require most inmates to work the fields to grow their own food. The guards have ways of making the inmates work, it isn’t as brutal as it was in the 60’s (beatings and “Tucker Telephone” genital electrocution was the norm back then) but they either work or they will regret their refusal. Ironically, sexual abuse and rioting is rare in Angola, I guess if the inmates have to work 12 hours a day, six days a week in the fields they are too tired to rape and pillage. Some Texas prisons force inmates to work janitorial, food preparation and buildings/grounds maintenance (some are employed by attached privately owned factories where the state keeps 80% of their wages) but food growing is almost nonexistent in modern day Texas prisons. Most states don’t require their prison inmates to do a damn thing except behave, eat slop and kiss the guards and warden’s asses nowadays, though. Prison conditions vary by state, Michigan’s conditions are by far the worst with California’s probably second-worst (California prisons are bad because of gangland problems leeching into the men’s prisons).

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