Vegan Dog Lovers In The News

We’ve all by now heard about D-list adult performer Andi Rye a.k.a. Zoe Sparx of Nexxxt Level Talent, and her condoning of sexual contact between humans and dogs. In a 2017 video today when I read a story online that Rye / Sparx “eats vegan food only”.  Andi’s despicable interspecies scenario reminded me of an ongoing criminal case in California.

Vegan Dog Lovers In The News
This video, in which obscure adult performer Zoe Sparx (then known as Andi Rye) discusses her views on human/dog sexual contact, has received over 5600 views on Twitter alone


In September, a 37-year-old vegan Instagram “influencer” from West Hollywood, was arrested after “detectives found a video on social media, of the suspect performing an act of bestiality”.  According to Shirley Miller of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Office.

Vegan Dog Lovers In The News
Sexy Vegan and friend

Judged for being different

Born Hansel Marion DeBartolo III, Sexy Vegan (who had his name legally changed and then tattooed it across his forehead), was charged with one count of sexual assault on an animal and one count of posting obscene matter on social media.

As The Los Angeles Times reported that Sexy Vegan faces up to a year in jail if convicted.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies arrested Vegan on Thursday morning after, authorities said he posted a video on one of his social media accounts Sept. 5 depicting “inappropriate behavior” with a pit bull, prosecutors said.

Officials did not offer specific details about the video but said it depicted obscene matter. It is not clear how authorities became aware of the video. The video no longer appears to be posted on any of the man’s public social media accounts.

Vegan’s IMDB profile says he moved to West Hollywood from a Chicago suburb in 2016. He legally changed his name . . . .

The profile also describes him as a 2020 presidential candidate. An “Instagram sensation” and a singer who released a 28-track album on YouTube called “Ending World Suffering the Fun Way.”

During an appearance on the “Dr. Phil” show in 2017, security guards escorted Vegan from the studio after he engaged in an expletive-filled rant and attempted to moonwalk across the stage. He appeared on the show a few months later to apologize.

“I do get judged a lot for being different,” he said at the time.

Vegan, who was also reportedly on probation for an unrelated charge,  outside the Santa Clarita area. According to Sheriff’s officials, was held at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility before he bonded out.

Two dogs were removed from his home, by the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control.  A spokesperson for the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Shirley Miller said.

Vegan is scheduled to appear at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in downtown Los Angeles on December 2.

I wonder if Andi Rye will come to the courthouse to lend her support…

Vegan Dog Lovers In The News
Don’t judge
Zoe Sparks aka Andi Rye on the Nexxxt Level website
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Vegan Dog Lovers In The News

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  1. It really looks like Zoe Sparx does a bit of everything, doesn’t she. Her talent specialties list is the longest in porn and now she can add dog fucking (especially handy in the Netherlands). I wonder if she would suck off a horse, too. Maybe she sucks off donkeys, mules, alpacas, elephants, zebras, lions, tigers, leopards, mountain lions, wallabies, War Machine, Bonnie Rotten, Shy Love, Nikki Hearts, Leigh Raven and Trinity St. Clair, too. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    As for Sexy Vegan, he can go get his member cut off and shoved down his throat. Without his dick, no more pit bulls will be forced to suck him off.

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