Truth without Proof – The Lies of Jane Doe 1-4 Exposed!

I read something profound on Facebook recently. His words are quite relevant to something we are going through in the adult industry as well.

So we are all living in a world where we declare people guilty of any unsubstantiated charges leveled at one another? The mere allegation of wrongdoing with zero evidence, circumstantial or otherwise makes one guilty. Let that sink in and as always remember….when you fashion a sword to be used against your enemies you must be prepared for it to be used against yourself.

This is a lesson we were all quick to learn in regards to Leigh Raven. Luckily for Just Dave, that guy had hours of secret nanny cam footage, filming every minute Leigh Raven was on set and as a result, she was exposed as a liar.

Not everyone is so lucky.

I still find myself getting angry when I recall the time I heard Riley Nixon didn’t want to do an interview about her allegations because it was all just supposed to be a practical joke that somehow got out of hand. Who the fuck would think it was funny to go public claiming you were sexually assaulted and abused on set? Who is laughing now? Not me. Fuck you Riley Nixon and fuck you Leigh Raven.

But they aren’t the only ones who have lied in recent history.

Charlotte Cross has been tweeting for months, claiming she is a #MeToo victim and that it’s “her body, her choice.” She also went on record claiming that she is one of the 4 “Jane Doe’s” suing Derek Hay of LA Direct Models for several allegations, the least of which is making her prostitute herself out.

The performers, identified in the petition as “Jane Does,” allege that Hay “exploited his position of power to abuse his clients both emotionally, financially and sexually. Most egregiously, he coerces some of his performers into ‘escorting’ and then, should they seek to terminate their (illegal) contracts, threatens to ‘out’ them for performing illegal sex-work.”

Everyone was quick to jump on these allegations as truth, since after all, why would someone lie? I mean that poor Charlotte Cross must be traumatized having to go through all that, right?

Only what she failed to mention is that she was an escort for at least 4 years prior to ever meeting Derek Hay and to this day, despite not having worked with Derek in almost a year now, is still prostituting herself out.

Charlotte Cross EscortSo how can Derek force her to escort when she had been doing it already for years? By the way for clarification purposes “overnight outcall” is escorting talk for a prostitute coming to you (outcall) and staying the night.

The lawyer for the 4 Jane Doe’s told AVN that Derek Hay exploited his position of power to abuse his clients sexually. Problem with that is, Derek Hay has never once had sex with Charlotte Cross. Nobody that knows Derek Hay nor Charlotte Cross has ever once seen them alone together, let alone in a compromising position. Yet another Charlotte Cross lie.

Another thing Charlotte Cross mention is all the things Derek did to help her. For example, when she wanted to be a feature dancer Derek helped her get a lucrative booking in Las Vegas. However, at the last minute, she failed to get approved for a Sherrif’s card (as required to legally dance in Vegas), because of her extensive criminal history. Derek didn’t charge her a kill fee, as he could have, as per the terms of their contract. All she seems to have to say about Derek is how he forced her into prostitution, which we’ve already proven is a lie. She was hooking 4 years before she ever even met Derek Hay.

One of the other Jane Doe’s who we recently discovered was Sofi Ryan, who was arrested for prostitution long before she ever entered the adult industry and still, despite no longer working with LA Direct Models, she still works as a prostitute. Here we have proof of Sofi Ryan paying Allan Gelbard for his services using her Venmo account.

Her complaint was that Derek Hay wouldn’t let her do scenes with her boyfriend Justin Hunt, who was placed on the LA Direct Models no list a while ago. Of course what Sofi doesn’t say is that in April of this year she took to Twitter, posting pictures of her bruised body, claiming that Justin Hunt had assaulted her.

She was quick to publically recall the claims of abuse against Justin Hunt, (after he threatened to call the cops on her) but the story was already out there and she was willing to do whatever it took to cover it up and get the negative attention off of her.

So Sofi Ryan not only was prostituting herself long before ever meeting Derek Hay or even entering the adult industry, but she also has a history of lying to get her way as evident in the text images shown above.

Now we have Jane Doe #3, aka Shay Evans. Shay Evans signed with LA Direct Models in November of 2015. However, she wasn’t introduced to escorting through her connection to Derek Hay or LA Direct Models.

Prior to November of 2015 and signing with LA Direct Models, she had already done her first private with Lourdes. Her husband at the time applied for her (on her behalf) to be an escort with that agency. She has told many of this story of how she got started doing privates. She is now back to working with Lourdes again.

Despite the fact that she’s currently suing Derek Hay with claims of abuse, she’s still accpeting jobs from him including lucrative feature dancing gigs from The Lee Network, no doubt assuming Derek Hay doesn’t know that she’s one of the Jane Does making allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

Even though her lawyer claims that Derek forced them into escorting, here you see Shay Evans is doing it on her own and is on a tour right now in Chicago with her escort agency as seen by the screenshot below. And just sot here is no confusion, this is a verified Eros ad, which means two forms of legal photo id must have been provided to the company in question.

So if Derek made poor Shay Evans prostitute herself out, why is she now still doing it herself on her own with a company that has not now nor ever had any association with LA Direct Models or Derek Hay?

Funny how not a single person bothered to check the validity of the allegations against Derek Hay, but many where click to jump on the bandwagon against him, ready to burn him at the stake.

Unlike the situation with Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models, where there were multiple police reports to back up said allegations of abuse. There hasn’t been anything of the kind against Derek Hay or LA Direct Models – in fact, there hasn’t been a single shred of evidence provided that any of the abuse allegations against him are true.

I think now is a good time to remind you of how I started out this post.

So we are all living in a world where we declare people guilty of any unsubstantiated charges leveled at one another? The mere allegation of wrongdoing with zero evidence, circumstantial or otherwise makes one guilty. Let that sink in and as always remember….when you fashion a sword to be used against your enemies you must be prepared for it to be used against yourself.

While it’s true not all people lie, we must remember that some do and we can’t be quick to judge the allegations made against someone without any proof. If there is not a single shred of evidence, no documentation of any kind, no police reports, no photos, or even witnesses, how can you support such serious allegations against a person?

It’s sad really because there are a lot of truly abusive people in our industry that we need to be focusing our attention on. But when people start to lie, it hurts the real victims, that who really need our help.

I think about what Charlotte Cross, Leigh Raven, Riley Nixon, Shay Evans, and Sofi Ryan have done. I wonder if one day they will do it to someone else?

I for one am going to avoid them like the plague. It’s not worth the risk to be associated with them in my opinion. I don’t want to be the next guy they level a false allegation against.

Because if anything we know to be true, those who lie and get away with it, will no doubt do it again.


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Truth without Proof – The Lies of Jane Doe 1-4 Exposed!

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  1. As a female performer entering my 4th year I can tell you yes there are some guys who will try to be sneaky and shady but to say rape I highly doubt it.

    I mean think about it with make up artist PA’s talents on a set kinda hard for a rapist to rape somebody.

    Speaking of Charlotte Cross here are some issues
    Everyone knows she is a liar
    4 years in the Industry she went through 5 agents
    She is on more Meds than me lol and she drinks heavy and is on a shit load of drugs

    Have you bothered to look at her LinkeDin ? Hope she leaves it up though and not change it.
    This dumb ass says she is a world elite Gymnast
    A Graduate of Medical School
    Attended Havard
    Its a Hell of read.

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