Trump Camp Rumored to be speaking to Stormy’s soon to be ex-husband

Rumor has it Donald Trump’s camp is super happy about the news that broke today that Stormy Daniels is divorcing her husband and that things aren’t going well. In fact, I hear from a good source the Trump camp has already been in contact with her soon to be ex and are looking to make their own deal with him in exchange for paying his legal bills for the cost of the divorce and child custody battle that is about to go down.

275260cookie-checkTrump Camp Rumored to be speaking to Stormy’s soon to be ex-husband

Trump Camp Rumored to be speaking to Stormy’s soon to be ex-husband

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  1. I said a while back it was not gonna go well for her. Trump is very vindictive and he will do everything he can to break her.

  2. I suspect Stormy won’t get primary custody of the kids. She is on the road most of the time and she is in LA she is directing films for MindGeek otherwise (she supposedly lives in Louisiana but is never there — I think that is mainly a California state tax dodge but to my knowledge her current husband and kids do live there). If Trump does pay for her soon to be ex-husband’s legal expenses and doesn’t cap his contribution there is probably all sorts of dirt on her to add to her never being home to care for the children. It is known that Stormy was arrested for domestic violence a few years ago — brutally assaulting the guy married to her before the current and soon to be ex, if I recall she was drunk off of her ass at the time. Since she evidently has the propensity to be violent what other assault-related arrests does she have on her rap sheet? If the judge assigned to the case is a conservative and a rabid Trump supporter, Stormy can likely forget about seeing her kids again until they turn 18 and can decide for themselves whether to have a parental relationship with her. It should be noted that the divorce will likely be ruled to be in Louisiana’s jurisdiction since she (evidently) claims to live there on her driver license and tax returns as well as her husband and kids truthfully living there which means California’s strict “community property” laws won’t apply.

    According to the TMZ article a judge ruled that Stormy must keep her current husband on her credit cards, the only reason for a divorcing husband asking for that is so he can max them out and leave her holding the debts so this is a complete “heel” situation as they say in wrestling. That is very telling, a judge would almost never issue such an order in Michigan and I doubt it is even legal for him to issue such an order as it is obviously just so the husband can rip off the wife one last time — could the judge be doing Trump’s bidding on this issue to punish Stormy and enrich her husband at her expense (I think the judge might be a Trump supporter but I don’t think Trump got to him and asked him to sign off on that order)? A freeze on marital assets or a temporary order to pay money for alimony and/or child support is not unheard of but not allowing Stormy to cut her husband off of her credit cards is asinine as a woman of her stature probably has at least a half million dollars (and probably a million or more) in credit card credit limits. She has likely been making at least $200K per annum the past few years between stripping and her MindGeek and Wicked contracts which means if her credit is good at all she can likely get $250K credit cards without any problem (I know of people that can’t get a credit card from a large bank with less than a $250K credit line without requesting a lower limit), four credit cards makes a million dollars probably mostly unused and she would need at least two — one for personal use and one for her business (stripping) expenses so ordering Stormy to let him stay on her credit cards is telling him to go ahead and take potentially a half million to more than a million dollars in cash advances to put her in debt up to her eyeballs while pocketing the money. Most people applying for credit don’t think to object if issued an eye-popping credit line and simply don’t use most of it. He also has a temporary restraining order against her (at least in Michigan that means she would have to stay at least 500 feet away from her husband and kids) — that means she likely assaulted him recently and we know she has a history of that with her first husband.

  3. Per NYT the divorce filed in Texas.

    “Ms. Clifford’s husband, Glendon Crain, also a pornographic film actor, filed a divorce petition last week in a State District Court in Texas, seeking child support and custody of the couple’s 7-year-old daughter.”

    My three wooden nickels say this won’t be a cordial process & Stormy in for a bumpy ride.

  4. When did they move to Texas? Stormy claimed to live in Louisiana for years and was arrested there 7-8 years ago for domestic violence against her ex. I wonder if the rumors of Trump paying for her current hubby’s divorce attorney and court costs is true and they found a sympathetic judge in Texas to do their bidding. The order for Stormy to essentially let her husband rip her off for potentially over a million dollars ($250K credit cards are relatively common in the upper middle class and wealthy communities, who doesn’t have 3-4 credit cards nowadays) is very telling — that almost certainly isn’t a legal order for a judge to make but by now (if he has any brains at all — he thought to ask for the order, I don’t believe that came from Trump’s camp as they don’t want liability if Stormy pushes the obvious judicial malfeasance case against the judge and the judicial review board or an appeals judge splatters its detritus in their faces) he has got the million plus off of her credit cards and either way she is stuck with the debt.

  5. I don’t think it matters if she cheated or not. Texas is a no-fault divorce state and in Texas adultery isn’t even a crime.

  6. I am not familiar with Texas divorce law. However, some “no-fault” states still use it to determine asset distribution between the former husband and the former wife. For example, Michigan is like that — the divorce itself is “no-fault” but asset distribution is mostly based the whims of the judge and therefore partially on fault and adultery (which is a felony in Michigan but the sex actually would have to take place here for it to be prosecuted criminally under state law whereas it would be admissible in a divorce proceeding) would be a factor. I can’t see Texas not having judicial discretion on asset distribution (even in strict community property law California judges have limited discretion) and most judges would take fault into account even if the divorce itself is a “no-fault” divorce. It should be noted that Texas officials claim the state to be “community property” but I doubt it is anything like California’s well-known version of the law.

    The other question is whether Stormy or her husband even have legal residence in Texas to file the divorce there in the first place. I expect Stormy to file paperwork to have the divorce moved to either Louisiana or California (where she has a possible basis to claim residency) very soon. That is one that Kelli could investigate further and report on here.

  7. @mharris

    “When did they move to Texas? Stormy claimed to live in Louisiana for years and was arrested there 7-8 years ago for domestic violence against her ex.”

    “The other question is whether Stormy or her husband even have legal residence in Texas to file the divorce there in the first place. I expect Stormy to file paperwork to have the divorce moved to either Louisiana or California (where she has a possible basis to claim residency) very soon.”

    “A notary in Forney, where Daniels lives, did not sign and date the 2016 agreement, which was finalized a few days before the presidential election. ”

    Her current husband (Glendon Crain) was arrested for DV in 2015 at their home in Texas.

    Back in 2009 she was arrested in Hillsborough County, Florida for a laundry rage attack at her ex-husband.

    Everyone saw her Senate exploratory committee for what it was; jumping on the publicity train started with all the drama around David Vitter.

    I think it’s safe to say they have a legal residence in Texas where the divorce petition was filed. TRO (temporary restraining orders) are routinely granted until the hearing for determining it’s merits. That is scheduled Friday July 27th.

    As for your million dollar speculation …. it is routine in divorce cases to restrain BOTH parties from making changes to assets and credit cards. If you read the documents Karma linked you’ll note the TRO is centered around Stormy having plane tickets and intents to bring a minor child on tour…she won’t be allowed to take the child out of state without a court order unless it is allowed in the temporary custody order put in place until a permanent custody agreement is hammered out …again purely routine that minor children remain in the residence. Since she is away and scheduled to be on tour out of state he is the default custodial parent in the residential home until they work out details.

  8. @mharris

    P.S. before you go on a judge/court shopping tangent the lawsuit in California was filed there because that is where Davidson (respondent) does business…it has nothing to do with where she (plaintiff) lives or works.

  9. @Karma

    yes the docs are interesting. Part of me wonders if this is whole divorce is a publicity gambit with the ‘single’ box checked off on arrest form evolving into divorce.

    His affidavit “Respondent is an adult performer amd entertainer and is currently on tour. She has purchases a ticket for my child Caiden to fly out on July 20, 20:8 and join Respondent on tour. This will involve the child being on her tour bus with other adult performers and producers. This will place my child in eminent threat of serious and immediate physical or emotional harm.”

    What strikes me is the name vs age of minor child is given and the adult performer blah blah blah vs keeping it simple …the child is a minor with objections to her being removed from the state of residence. If being an adult performer, entertainer, producer is a threat then he’s a threat too so it’s hard to wrap head around this affidavit.

  10. Stormy being arrested in Florida is interesting — that makes two domestic violence arrests on her rap sheet. As for the order keeping her current husband on her credit cards, that doesn’t happen in Michigan. That order is just a judge facilitating her husband ripping her off via her credit cards. There is no reasonable reason to order someone to keep his/her divorcing spouse on credit cards. If that is routine in your state your judges and legislators are morons! If there is a money issue the richer spouse can be ordered to pay temporary spousal support and/or child support, an order to keep a spouse on bank accounts (which unfortunately sometimes happens) and credit cards is just facilitating the poorer spouse stealing all of the money in those accounts from the richer one. If need be accounts can be frozen completely until things can be sorted out in divorce court but forcing a spouse to leave the other on bank accounts and (especially) credit cards with full withdrawal privileges is asinine!

  11. I will also state that keeping the kids in state so the divorce court can maintain full jurisdiction over them is common in divorce proceedings. On that I agree with you. However, her husband being arrested for domestic violence is a new one to me. Did she start it and he was the unlucky “contestant” or is Stormy’s husband even more violent than (evidently with your statement about her Florida arrest) two-time loser Stormy.

    Regarding the Texas notary signing (or not signing) the hush agreement between Stormy and “The Donald”, I was a notary in Michigan for a time while working at the credit unions. I was allowed to notarize documents for non-residents as long as they both appeared before me, proved their identity and signed the documents in my presence (at the time I was allowed by law to charge $2 but I did not do so, the state fee cap was rasied to $10 in 2007 so money isn’t a reason to become a notary in Michigan, I can’t even speculate as to fee caps in Texas and how they might have influenced Stormy’s notary). Just because the documents were notarized in Texas likely doesn’t prove Stormy and her husband live there. If they live in Texas that is a recent development, if they have lived there long enough to satisfy state divorce law there they would have a nexus to file in Texas courts.

  12. @mharris

    Where do you get two arrests? my search turned up just the one.

    Michigan most certainly does offer temporary orders until a full hearing happens.

    “Motions for Temporary Orders as prepared by your Michigan Divorce Lawyer

    A Michigan Lawyer will prepare your Motions for temporary orders . Michigan attorney pleadings typically concern Michigan child custody and Michigan support, Michigan parenting time adjustments, restraints on distributing property, residence in the marital home, sometimes called exclusive use of the marital home, and requests for Michigan attorney fees.”

    Until the court determines what is or is not a marital asset/liability both parties are restrained from making changes. Joint accounts by default are a marital asset/liability. All that’s happened here is that he filed for divorce with routine dependent spouse and minor child considerations….same stuff divorce lawyers do all day every day.

  13. @mharris

    She lives in Texas…has lived in Texas since at least 2015.

    Your Michigan notary status is as relevant as mine from NJ, MA, FL and OH…doesn’t mean squat. I was trying to politely put the facts out there without getting into a pissing match.

  14. Lurk, joint savings/checking/investment accounts, yes the court will restrain (or many times freeze the accounts from any withdrawals). That is what the paragraph you quote from somewhere is describing. I didn’t claim otherwise. Credit card accounts, no, they won’t (except in this Texas dumbass’s court) restrain a spouse from closing the account or removing an authorized user spouse — a competent judge will not create a situation where one spouse can put the other one in potentially a million dollars plus of credit card debt within hours without allowing the other spouse to prevent it. That is the difference. Any judge that orders a spouse to keep the other spouse on a credit card with any significant credit line should be removed from the bench and disbarred. Investment accounts and any significant savings and checking accounts do need to be frozen or transactions severely restricted until it is determined who is entitled to what. I know if I was pissed off enough at my (nonexistent) wife to divorce her and a judge ordered her to keep me on her credit cards I would drain those fuckers before she could even have her attorney draw up another order for judicial signature to stop me. I know I have a piece of plastic in my wallet with a stratospheric credit line, there is about a $200 balance on it. I can see where someone could have 3-4 of those puppies and go (or put a spouse) hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in debt very quickly! Nothing in the Texas judge’s order legally stops Stormy’s soon to be ex from doing the same — and I bet he did it within a day of that order being handed down.

    I agree that temporary child support, spousal support, use of the marital home (and car) and orders allowing the payment of both spouses attorney fees from otherwise frozen accounts is appropriate. Requiring a spouse to allow the other to use her credit cards is completely inappropriate, however — for the reasons I already stated several times. If the CC account is Stormy’s alone and the spouse was simply an authorized user, he should be removed from the account. If the CC account is a joint account, it needs to be closed to further non-payment and non-bank interest/fee transactions (no more charges made to the account), Stormy and her spouse would need to open individual credit cards if they still meet appropriate credit standards.

    As for describing my now expired notary I was simply explaining how I knew that an out of state resident could have a document notarized in Michigan (and California) when I had that notary commission. Since I have never been a Texas notary or even worked at a Texas financial institution I cannot state the law there but I can state in at least two states it it possible. It wasn’t a “pissing match”. As for NJ, MA, FL and OH, I don’t know if notary services are restricted to residents in those states or if I could walk into a bank in those states, plunk down my fee, prove my identity and have a document notarized just like you could as an out of state resident in MI and CA.

  15. Lurk, as for Stormy’s arrests, I recall a Louisiana arrest for domestic violence in 2010 or 2011 (she was running for some political office in Louisiana at the time). Some news sites remove articles after a year or two and I think this was pretty much limited to her local media and one or two porn blogs that no longer exist (I verified the article with a Google search at the time and found a Louisiana newspaper’s online article). There may be record of it on this blog, I would have to check. You said she was arrested for the same charge in Florida. That would make two arrests. I am taking you at your word about the Florida arrest, I don’t doubt you on that one and I certainly won’t pay for a criminal background check on her over a blog article that I didn’t even write. Even if the arrest was in Florida, that doesn’t show Texas residency and that was what I was trying to state. If she legally lives in Texas now, more power to her. Of all of us on here only you knew that — that includes the actual journalists reporting on this site. I am not a journalist and don’t need to keep to airtight journalistic standards as a result. I don’t expect that of you, either but you not understanding that (except in this case) judges don’t order a spouse to keep the other on a loan account (credit card) and that is different than a savings/checking/investment account in that regard perplexes me greatly. That makes this divorce court judge suspect IMO.

  16. @mharris

    “That is what the paragraph you quote from somewhere is describing. I didn’t claim otherwise. Credit card accounts, no, they won’t (except in this Texas dumbass’s court) restrain a spouse from closing the account or removing an authorized user spouse”

    You are building sandcastles in the air on a foundation of assumptions.

    Credit (liabilities) are considered property the same as cash. ” restraints on distributing property” Stormy can’t take him off the credit cards for the same reason she can’t remove him from a mortgage or deed to property….they need to assess, define and then distribute marital property.

    His lawyer has no doubt explained the consequences of running up debt (using/maxing credit cards) including courts having seen that as financial abuse and used it against Petitioners (plaintiffs) in divorce cases.

    You are assuming they have liquid cash for day to day expenses and haven’t considered reality that this language is standard because too many divorcing couples rely on credit to meet monthly expenses. The flip side to your pissed off spouse is the breadwinner cutting off access to cash and credit accounts to punish a dependent spouse by leaving them with no way to pay electric or buy food.

    Your notary experience isn’t relative and doesn’t mean squat unless you want us to believe that she doesn’t live in or near Forney Texas. Too many credible sites including multiple Dallas TV stations and print news have said she lives in Texas, police reports and now a horse stable she boarded her horses at are all stacked up against that idea.

    Here is a much more plausible explanation….her lawyer (Davidson) is based in CA, Cohen is based in NYC and they did what lawyers often do…overnighted documents to the client for a notarized signature.

  17. @mharris

    if you’re going to speak as an authority it pays to have your ducks in a row.

    I think it’s very probable that when Stormy formed the exploratory committee news sites rehashed the laundry rage arrest. I don’t think she went through the trouble of erasing one arrest while leaving another in place.

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