Thug stole Leeds woman’s phone, sent sex video of her to family, friends

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A punk in Leeds assaulted a woman, stole her cell phone and used it to send a sex video of her to the woman’s family and work friends.

Recidivist Daniel Douthwaite was imprisoned in Leeds, England after a judge described the unauthorized distribution of the video as a “really mean and nasty thing to do.”

Leeds Crown Court heard testimony that Douthwaite flew into a rage after looking at a woman’s iPhone and reading text messages while she was asleep at a house in Leeds.

The 36-year-old then used the phone to send the sex video of the victim to her contacts on Facebook Messenger as ‘revenge porn‘. The recipients included family members, including her father.

Mehran Nassiri, prosecuting, said Douthwaite also punched, head butted and kicked her, and threatened to kill the woman during the attack.

Her phone was smashed during the incident.

Leeds Crown Court


The victim described in a statement how she felt “absolutely mortified, embarrassed and degraded” as a result of Douthwaite’s actions.

Douthwaite was interviewed by police and initially denied sending the video, although he admitted he had looked at the phone and read sexually explicit messages.


Douthwaite, of Dulverton Place, Cottingley, Leeds, pleaded guilty to theft, disclosing a private sexual film and common assault.

The thug has previous convictions for assault and criminal damage.

The judge told Douthwaite that the crime was too serious to impose anything other than an immediate prison sentence.

He said: “That was a really mean and nasty thing to do. I am satisfied that you intended to use it to humiliate her and cause her maximum distress. I am satisfied that is exactly what you did. No doubt when she goes to work and people look at her they will bear in mind what they have seen. They can’t ignore it.”

Douthwaite was jailed for 12 months.

Yorkshire Evening Post

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Thug stole Leeds woman’s phone, sent sex video of her to family, friends

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