The recent supreme court ruling on virtual child pornography

has set off a lot of attention in the nations capital. It has become very apparant to the Justice Department that prosecuting even real child pornography cases just got a lot more difficult. Now the burden of proof for the prosecution is going to be to prove that the photos are real children and not computer generated images. Every Kiddy por case the defendant is going to claim that the porn isn’t real kids. I think they call that an unintended consequence, it is also the price of freedom. Look for congress to jump headfirst into drafting new child porn legislation that will likely include even more restrictions on legit adult porn than on kiddy porn.

The Free Speech Coalition, in a public statement congratulated “Mainstream Hollywood” on this ruling and singled out films such as “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, “Traffic” and “American Beauty” as being winners. This is, however complete nonsense, Mainstream Hollywood never even peeped about the CPPA because they knew they weren’t the targets. Look for the FSC to continue to crow about this ruling but ya gotta ask yourself just how much they actually had to do with it. I am asking that, the answers are coming soon as I can sort it all out.

Meanwhile everything in porn has gone quiet, the feud between Kid Vegas and Extreme has fizzled to nothing, it seems Kid had a bit too much knowledge of Extreme’s operations and they subsequently removed all the negative commentary about Vegas and Vegas has decided to shut up about it all, for now anyway.

There is a big story on the radar screen I am watching but no news yet on it.

There is a porn wedding set for September 7th news on that will be forthcoming.

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The recent supreme court ruling on virtual child pornography

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