The latest on the Club Zinc story:

I am posting this as a courtesy to the Atlanta News Outlets who have been raiding this site (with no credit) for the most up to date info.

The 16 year old girl only performed a sexual act on the 29 year old Amanda Jones, the 16 year old never got naked. But contrary to your reports today she was never carded, nobody was.
My sources tell me that Jasen Ford KNEW she was under 18 but thought she would be OK because the age of consent was 17 or so he thought. These are people close to Jasen ( I know Jasen quite well myself). They searched Jasens apartment tonight, no word yet on what they found.
Bottom line how stupid did these guys have to be to pour without a license and to allow anyone under 21 on the premises. Not to mention widely advertising all the alcohol you could drink and all the sex you wanted for 25 bucks. These guys are idiots and deserve what’s coming to them…IMHO.
The patrons charged with witnessing a lewd act and disorderly conduct should all have charges dismissed and should probably sue those three organizers.
On the pontification side…these charges could see the “witnessing a lewd act” law struck down….provided they go through with prosecution of these folks…and if that’s the case score a big one for Alan Begner.
OK that’s what I know up to now…call me if ya want on air commentary or whatever.

4280cookie-checkThe latest on the Club Zinc story:

The latest on the Club Zinc story:

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