Syphilis outbreak in Europe — now 2 possible US infections

I woke up this morning to a rumor that two people have tested positive for syphilis. I rolled my eyes and told the person telling me this information that it was old news. It was some guy from Budapest and we all found out about it a day or two ago. This person, however, assured me I was wrong that the two people he was talking about were Americans and both are from the LA talent pool, one a male, another a female.

No this isn’t another Mr. Marcus story. Although not surprisingly he has started to work in the adult industry again, so watch out for that but that’s another story for another day.

When the news broke that there was a syphilis outbreak in Europe my mind immediately went to the company You know what they say — where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Where There Is Smoke There is Fire

But let me back up a bit and explain what I mean.

In August of last year, a production company that produces scenes for Legal Porno was flying girls out to Mexico to shoot scenes. Chris Strokes was somehow involved. That in itself should put up a red flag for anyone dealing with this operation. The male talent (Chris Strokes) had no problem getting paid, yet several of the female talent didn’t get paid. Shocker, huh? Chris Strokes also just so happened to be the person who helped recruit the US talent to go to Mexico in the first place.

Imagine flying all the way out to Mexico to shoot a couple scenes and not getting paid for it and when you dare complain Chris Strokes brags that he got paid and then suggests that maybe they should keep their mouth shut and they might get paid. The nerve of that guy!

This happened multiple times with multiple female performers.

And what of those scenes that got shot where the girls didn’t get paid? All of the scenes ended up on the website and to my knowledge are still there to this day.

Everyone was quick to blame “rogue producers in Mexico” but in the end, the company ( got the scenes and is still making money off of them on their website.

Fast forward a few months and we hear a rumor that there were syringes on the floor of the set in Europe. I mean sure we’ve all heard of drugs on sets but used needles? That’s just messed up.

And now there is a syphilis outbreak.

I’m not saying they are the source of the outbreak but ….

Where There Is Smoke There is Fire


While some people may think they are safe because the outbreak is in Europe, those people are fools.

There are European girls coming to the US to work and there are US girls who go to Europe to work and return home to the US talent pool.

In fact, Shy Love of The VIP Connect specializes in sending US girls to Europe, the very source – ground zero if you will, of the recent syphilis outbreak.

This is why when Shy Love announced that she was currently returning to the US to shoot, it concerned many, since she hasn’t tested in the US in years and hides her last tests.

In July of 2016 Shy Love contacted Talent Testing and had them hide her previous test results. She has had no new tests results since that time.

What does she have to hide? Some were saying it was Hep-C. I don’t know. All I can say is that working in Europe and the US, mixing talent pools without proper testing is never a good idea.

The other problem is, syphilis has an incubation period of up to 90 days. That means you could catch it today and test clean for it for the next 3 months.

So what do you do?

If you’ve worked with anyone who has recently (in the last 3 months) worked in Europe or if you have worked with anyone who has worked with anyone who has worked in Europe during the last 3 months GO GET TESTED FOR SYPHILIS. Even if you aren’t showing any obvious symptoms.

If you have worked with anyone from The VIP Connect or anyone who has worked with anyone from The VIP Connect – GO GET TESTED.  Here is Shy Love shooting from just two days ago.

Keep in mind she just came from Europe, and syphilis has an up to 90 day incubation period.

You’ll notice that just 1 day after having shot with a US performer, Shy Love reports being sick. Does Shy Love have a valid STD test from Talent Testing or CET? I hope so and I hope that the people she is working with was smart enough to get proof and see it for themselves.

Production companies in Europe have all stopped shooting until further notice. The agencies in Europe are working closely with the health clinics and reaching out to all their clients to advise of a potential outbreak and have canceled all currently scheduled shoots. In addition, they have also urged all performers to get a fresh test.

In Budapest specifically, we are being told that they are doing what we did in the US during the Mr. Marcus outbreak, which is that they are treating everyone with penicillin while waiting for all the test results to come back.

Getting tested is essential because it is possible to have a symptomless infection and unknowingly transmit it to your partner. If you don’t have obvious open wounds they use what is called the Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) syphilis test, which looks for antibodies that fight a syphilis infection. If positive, a Treponemal Pallidum Assay (TPA) test is used to confirm the presence of the bacteria.

I’m told that once you are infected with syphilis, it’s likely you will continue to test positive for syphilis even though you are cured due to damage done to cells by the bacteria.

If you have worked with anyone who has worked with anyone in Europe in the last 3 months, GO GET TESTED.

If you have worked with anyone who has worked with anyone from in the last 6 months, GO GET TESTED. While we don’t know if these rumors are true, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you have worked with anyone who takes frequent trips to Paris, Barcelona, Italty, Budapest, but you aren’t quite sure why – GO GET TESTED. Don’t be stupid. We all know why they are there and it means they are potentially exposed too.

Syphilis is serious business.  Don’t take this European outbreak lightly.


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Syphilis outbreak in Europe — now 2 possible US infections

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6 Responses

  1. Pierre Woodman has complained for years that LP does sneaky underhanded things like not making testing results of some performers available and using drugs like Lidocane to numb girls asses so they can do DAP and TAP, once the drugs wear off the girls can’t sit down for a week.

  2. Karma, that lidocaine cream is available in some sex shops and at Adam & Eve’s website for the general public to purchase and use. I highly advise against it and IF (the “if” is very important here) LP directors are nearly forcing girls to use it (or lying to them and telling them it is safe and routine) they need their heads examined, a Coke can full of gasoline shoved up their asses without any lidocaine or similar medication and a match lit within millimeters of their gas filled assholes. However, if a female performer insists on using it, her partner is OK with it (it is also going to end up on his dick, I would have to guess it would make him getting an erection much more difficult depending on how much comes off onto his dick) and they seem to be making an informed decision I would probably reluctantly allow it.

    If VD results aren’t available for any on-set sexual partner (other than a performer’s spouse) that performer should cancel the scene. Hiding the VD tests is asinine and any director doing so needs to be tied to a bed bent over with his ass sticking up and tortured by Maitresse Madeline and her friends for 12 hours straight including having Coke can sized dildos shoved up his ass without lube or lidocaine repeatedly until he prolapses with a live feed on the Divine Bitches website. After that, Madeline and the gang should make him an eunuch (cut his dick and balls off) without pain medication, shove his now unattached dick and balls down his throat, make him choke them down his throat and then tell him repeatedly he is a twink, a fairy and a cocksucker until he cries like a sissy.

  3. Why is this an anti-Legal Porno thread. The confirmed male positive hasn’t worked for LP as far as I can tell and the confirmed female worked for them years ago.

    Also, there are hard double anals filmed in the US (our recent POTY has done several triple anals for example), so why is there this specific and targeted attack on LP? I understand the lidocaine freaks people out, but it is pretty commonly used in the LGBT community at fetish things (guys into fisting and so forth), and is it any worse than taking tylenol 3s so a guy can deal with his back pain when going to the construction site?

    I doubt they force it upon anyone; but if the performer has not done DAP before and is a bit nervous about how it will feel, it’s not an outrage to provide something that will allow for a better scene. This is their job after all and all sorts of physical jobs take medications to help with tasks.

    Back to the matter at hand, since the two confirmed cases so far have nothing to do with Legal Porno, why would their name be invoked. here.

  4. Joe, I am not a fan of desensitizing creams used on the asshole because they are purported to take away all sensation there (I think it uses the same medication as cavity gel used on a painful tooth) and especially in double or triple anal it is extremely easy to tear an asshole all to hell attempting to shove three dicks inside. With a back injury the pain meds don’t take all of the sensation away (I can personally attest to it, my back injury requires something one hell of a lot stronger than Tylenol 3’s) unless you take ten times the prescribed dose and either you completely pass out or it kills you. That is the difference. Granted, if someone has a back injury requiring opiates to function that person shouldn’t be building houses but some injuries do require lifetime opiate medication to restore at least partially the ability to function in society.

  5. Using penicillin without a positive test is an invitation to disaster. There is a very good reason the industry uses two tests for syphilis. The first one finds antibodies, this indicates an infection if patient ever had syphilis, it will still test positive once patient is successfully treated.

    The second test is used to see if patient has a current infection and this is where using prophylactic penicillin is an invitation to disaster. The shot may be enough to reduce bacterium to pass test but not enough to prevent or cure an active infection.

    If the test is negative there is no need for a shot. Getting a shot creates a false sense of security …. opens the door to resistant strains of the infection and may very well delay treatment. If you’re considering a prophylactic shot of penicillin ask your doc about testing weekly as an alternative. As always a qualified physician is your best source of advice.

  6. Lurk, I said it was asinine when the FSC tried to do it here and it is asinine over there. Unfortunately they are required to either take the antibiotics or not perform for an extended period of time. I think the Hungary government is requiring this action (to my understanding adult film testing and VD management is regulated by a governmental agency there) so these people are simply screwed if they don’t take the antibiotic injection. For the record the one American over there (“Porno” Dan Leal) has stopped production anyway even though he and many of his talent have taken the injection and could theoretically start back working either now or very soon. Dan made a comment on his Facebook page that he is a year ahead on content so he shouldn’t be in too much trouble (his live shows are featuring solo scenes until the Syphilis near-epidemic sorts itself out). I wish Dan and the adult industry people over there well and hope no one else ends up with a VD out of this.

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