Sovereign Citizens are “extremist squatters”

Imagine finally owning your dream home, only to have a strange man show up at your door demanding you leave your house immediately, it’s his. As strange as that sounds, it’s actually happening all over the United States, in what’s known as the “Sovereign Citizen Movement”.

Before coming to sovereign citizens being called extreme squatters, let’s talk about who they are and a little brief about their movement.

Here is an Example where Porn was Shot in Boris Beckers House by Squatters of the Moorish Movement 

Sovereign Citizen Movement, consists of the loose groups of tax protestors, promoters of financial schemes, commentators, and American litigants. These self-declared citizens only see themselves accountable to their self interpreted common law, and not answerable to the authority of state and federal governments. In the US, they avoid acknowledging the currency of the United States and declare themselves as not obligated to any legal restrictions. They even consider most of the taxes as illegal and reject them.

Joel Fedd is going to show the world how the Moorish Sovereign Squatters movement is supposed to work. Tell em Joel

Things did not go as expected for Joel. He was arrested
Joel Fedd  was arrested by authorities in Gwinnett County, Georgia, after he moved into someone else’s property, changed the locks on the door and displayed no trespass signs

The beliefs of this sovereign citizen movement resemble the movement of freemen on the land, which is mainly discovered in the CommonWealth like Canada and Australia etc. The Federal Bureau of investigation considers some citizens of this movement as domestic terrorists. Also, it is estimated that about 100,000 US citizens are hardcore believers of this movement, while 200000 citizens are categorized as someone who is just beginning by practicing all the techniques of the sovereign, such as by opposing to pay the drug charges or speeding tickets.

What does it mean by squatter?

A squatter is someone who occupies or settles in a chunk of property without any kind of legal claim of that property. Moreover, they live in a property without having any right, lease, or title of that house. Through the help of an involuntary transfer, a squatter would obtain an adverse possession of that concerned property. The real owner of the property, as a result, would just lose the title of his house to another person if he does not inspect or use their property for a long time. The person who gets the title in this way will make the illegal claim, take possession, and will use the land.

Are sovereign citizens squatters?

A gang of extremists in the Seattle-area is ordering the affluent homeowners of the waterfront properties to give it up, and this has been increased in 2020. It could only get weirder if they would now just show up with the coronavirus weapons and an army to threaten the residents of the US

The drama is developing more in Woodway and Edmonds, where Moorish sovereign citizens (a group of squatters) are presenting false documents to the owner of the house and then demanding the possession of the house. Ironically, activists of Seattle black lives matter should take some note of similarly ridiculous, but more creative and polite ways to force people to go out of their districts.

In the 1990s, this group which was established on the doctrines of the temple of Moorish science was founded. Just like how they do not believe in the authority of the government of the Washington or United States, similarly, they do not find it wrong squatting on other people’s property.

Sovereign Citizens are “extremist squatters”

Give up the ownership of your house or else.

At Least 4 owners of the house were approached last month by the squatters, who were asking them politely to leave their houses so that the squatters can take over the ownership.

All the squatters were quite smart to choose the exquisite property in the waterfront which was subject to no area laws. When you have such a level of intelligence, then why would you try to take over the ownership of a house in Sequim which is a barren lot, or a house in Du-point which is always occupied in a 1-5 traffic?

Of course, you can get hold of decent houses in Medina or Seattle, but then you have to compromise on the high crime rate and the self-hatred rich liberals respectively. Then sure, Woodway and Edmonds seem like a nice settlement for the squatters!

However, one thing that we all can conclude after going through this absurd situation is that squatters are pushy but courteous. Also, we can not accuse them of breaking any law. They leave easily whenever we ask them to do so (maybe that is why they are not able to get any house property as yet).

Basically what they claim is that they were the first one to be here, and then they made a decision to leave, but now they are back and want their land back. What they say is “We are just taking back our properties”. This was told by Sergeant Josh McClure from the police department of Edmonds in the show of Dori Monson on the KIRO radio.

McClure also mentioned that this is such a unique situation, they have been compliant and cooperative, and also polite to our officers sometimes. However, we are certain that they are not planning to leave anytime soon in terms of their attempts.

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Sovereign Citizens are “extremist squatters”

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  1. Yes Some porn dude went to several homes claiming he owns the properties. He was arrested perhaps he is a trump supporter.

  2. This is crazy. Can you imagine some crazy dude just sh owing up and like your house is mine now. WTF!!!!

  3. There is a male talent from OC models who was doing this during the covid protest. Every time I mention his name on here my comment gets moderated and deleted

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