Ron Jeremy Arrested Being Held on $6.6 Million Bail

Porn star Ron Jeremy has been charged with forcibly raping three women and sexually assaulting another in separate West Hollywood incidents dating back to 2014, the Los Angeles County District Attorney announced.

Ronald Jeremy, 67, is facing three counts each of forcible rape and forcible penetration by a foreign object, and one count each of forcible oral copulation and sexual battery, L.A. County DA Jackie Lacey said.

Ron Jeremy is accused of forcibly raping a 25-year-old woman at a home in West Hollywood in May 2014. He is also accused of sexually assaulted two women, ages 33 and 46, on separate occasions at a West Hollywood bar in 2017, according to a news release from the DA’s office.

A 30-year-old woman also alleges that Ron Jeremy forcibly raped her at the same bar in July 2019.

The District Attorney’s Office also declined a case against Ron Jeremy due to insufficient evidence stemming from an incident in 2016.

He is currently in custody and is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon in Department 30 of the Foltz Criminal Justice Center. For now, his bail is set at $6.6 million, however that could be adjusted (up or down) after his arraignment hearing.

If convicted as charged, Ron Jeremy faces a possible maximum sentence of 90 years to life in state prison.

A year ago he discussed #MeToo allegations and Slut-Shaming in the interview below.

This is not Ron Jeremy’s first time for being accused of sexual assault. In June of 2018, the DA declined to prosecute a case in Washington so the victim filed a civil lawsuit.

The woman — who only goes by K.B. in her suit — is suing Jeremy for what she claims was sexual assault and battery … and the details are quite graphic. according to the docs, K.B. claims Jeremy assaulted her 4 times on the day in question. First, K.B. says she agreed to let Jeremy to sign her breasts — but instead, she says he pulled down her shirt, reached under her bra and “violently groped” her breast. She goes on to say he then squeezed her butt during a selfie, sucked on the back of her neck, and pushed his finger inside her through her underwear … allegedly asking, “Did that give you goosebumps?” K.B. also says Jeremy’s handler tried stepping in to stop him, adding Jeremy allegedly replied with, “I’ll be done in a sec.” She says the final assault occurred as she tried leaving when Jeremy allegedly pulled down her shirt again and sucked on her exposed nipple. The woman claims she’s suffered PTSD since then, and even attributes a miscarriage she had to the alleged assaults. She suing for damages.

** Update:  We originally posted it was 4 charges but that was inaccurate. AVN is reporting that a warrant charging Jeremy with three counts of forcible rape and five other counts of sexual offenses. 


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Ron Jeremy Arrested Being Held on $6.6 Million Bail

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6 Responses

  1. Ron is notorious for being disgusting. I know a lot of porn chicks mention that he is such a creep. I think they even tried to cancel him back when that thing was going on with James Deen and Stoya but no one really cared.

    Do you guys think the charges will stick?

  2. 6.6 million bail for an old broken down porn star that probably doesn’t have 2 nickles to rub together seems excessive.

  3. Wasn’t Harvey Weinstein’s bail $1 million however increased from the original set bail of $1 million to $5 million over allegations of tampering with his ankle bracelet.
    Judge James Burke rejected the prosecution requests to put the disgraced movie mogul in jail over the alleged violation.

    Ever notice there are no scenes with Ron performing a DP.

    BTW Ron has been struggling with a series of Illnesses, He seems to be suffering from Alzheimer and dementia, also when he sits for more than 40 seconds he falls asleep.
    Who did he commit forcible rap on. Also Ron doesn’t drink or smoke but drugged victims.
    He must have has an accomplice and partner in crime. All this seems weird. Any Prosecutor can arguably make a case for a sexual assault but a raping. Please tell me it isn’t so.

  4. I don’t know where everyone gets this he doesn’t have any money from. He owns multiple properties and is very very very tight with his money. I don’t know for sure but I suspect he’s probably got enough stashed away to cover the entire $6.6 million himself.

    As far as his health goes, this is true. Well from what I am told by his camp he not only suffers from narcolepsy, and has for years, which has only gotten worse and they even had to take away his driver’s license it’s gotten so bad lately but he is also suffering from early on set dementia. Which means you have two verifiable medical conditions known to cause memory issues and hallucinations.

    I suspect we’ll see a plea deal based on his mental health soon.

  5. Any news, Kelli? I know trials take a long time to convene in Los Angeles County but it seems like because of the person charged they would try to speed it up a little bit. It does the prosecution no good if he dies in a jail cell without a conviction and it sounds like Ron is quite ill, probably so ill that he is held in the hospital wing of the jail. If he did it, I want to see him go to San Quentin, Folsom or Soledad to get the same treatment or worse than what he did to all of these poor women. I am sure the Latin Kings, Crips, Bloods, Nazi Low Riders, Mexican Mafia and the alphabet soup of other Mexican gangs would love to sign his tit — with a shiv. I bet Jackie Lacey also wants to see that. You can bet your ass that he won’t be held on a medical unit in prison like he likely is in jail, once you get there you get minimal medical care and an inmate like Ron would simply be doped up (if the warden is feeling charitable — probably with Haldol or Thorazine) and allowed to die if he can’t handle general population.

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