Riley Reynolds of @HussieModels under criminal investigation by state of Florida

Last March it was revealed that Riley Reynolds of hussie models, was acting illegally as a talent agent without being properly licensed by the state. I reached out to Kelli who originally wrote the story on March 30th to see if she had an update, and sadly she didn’t. So I reached out to the state of Florida’s licensing bureau to try and get an update myself.

I expected them to simply confirm they denied his license in Florida as previously reported. But I got lucky when what they actually told me was that they couldn’t comment on an ongoing criminal investigation.

They did suggest I read up on a few things which they kindly directed me to. The one that stood out most, is that in accordance with Florida Statute §468.403.

Owning, operating, or soliciting business as a talent agency in Florida without first procuring a license is considered a felony of the third degree and punishable by imprisonment of up to five years.

I called back to confirm something with that. Riley Reynolds has supposedly been telling people he didn’t need a Florida license because he had a California one.  I asked if this was true and the person on the other end of the line assured me that most definitely wasn’t true. That California and Florida are two very different states, each with their own rules and regulations. While operating int he state of Florida, he must adhere to the laws of the state of Florida.

Crime isn’t something new to Riley Reynolds. He’s been arrested quite a few times and has multiple felonies. Some of his crimes include –

Riley Reynolds Mugshot - Hussie Models Florida

  • Burglary of an unoccupied conveyance
  • 3rd Degree Grand Theft
  • Criminal Mischief of up to $1,000 in damages
  • Burglary of an unoccupied structure
  • Criminal mischief $1,000 or more

That’s not his entire criminal history. We’d be here all day if we started talking about that. I think it’s fair to say there was a good reason Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models was denied his Florida license and yet he doesn’t seem to care. He just keeps operating illegally in the state of  Florida. Not it looks like however, it may be catching up with him.


279320cookie-checkRiley Reynolds of @HussieModels under criminal investigation by state of Florida

Riley Reynolds of @HussieModels under criminal investigation by state of Florida

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10 Responses

  1. Hey Riley you fucking piece of shit when are you going to quit leaking girls info on porn Wikileaks and then telling drunkards ” dont worry I will save yah” ?

    Better yet when are you going to stop threatening girls with your standard mantra of you being the baller who is connected and you will make sure you can and will prevent it from happening futher?
    Sad fucking mope now look at yah. You did beat up those two girls many more are not even mentioned. Many knows it. What isn’t being said here is how you sell them dope, pills and god only knows whats in the white power you deal them.

    We all know your low end pimp ways don’t impress anyone. Try booking scenes without undercutting and selling out the talents and fucking up female talents rates to your bottom feeder rates you x over bandit faggot.

  2. Its all about fees and regulations to fill the state tax coffers. One state is not gonna let you do business with a license from another state, they want their cut of the pie too.

    Just like if you move from say Ohio to Massachusetts you have to go pay $55 and get a MA drivers license.

  3. 3rd Degree Grand Theft, huh? Is Riley trying to be the next Ari Bass? Beating chicks, burglary, criminal mischef and grand theft sounds like he is actually trying to one up Ari! All he has to do is hit a female porn director over the head with two beer bottles and a lead pipe and he will have one upped Ari as a scumbag and a future “five bubba” prison reaming recipient. I hope Riley likes monster Crip and Blood dick up his ass and lots of Crip and Blood cum shot down his throat straight from the tube, he is well on his way to just that in a Florida or California state prison.

  4. Matthew:

    No one here is interested in your repetitive, meandering prison fantasies of “five bubbas.”

  5. Looks like 4 of Rileys Angeles has left the building, Well one is not an angel at all. Non the less one quit porn three went on to other agencies.

    From Now on Lets call Riley the Hamburgler. and some of his roster minion burglers .. Literally.
    This man has zero shame booking a mentally developed challenged boy like him for escorting jobs. When the Kid’s mother contacted Riley whats he do ?

    Response to the grieving mother of a missing 18 year old with the mentality of 14 yr old with an email and adding insult to injuries with a pic of the scared boy getting a blow job at Riley’s house of horrors.
    More Insults to already injuries
    bold caps , “FUCK YOU” to the Kid’s mom

    So off the mother went to the very same FBI field office for yet another wellness check. They took the kid home where now he is singing like a canary from what he can remember.

    Remember when President Donald Trump made fun of mentally challenged people ?

    ” I DONT I DONT REMEBERRRRRRR” ….while flopping his hands and head around just like Riley.
    That was meant for Village idiot dumbass scumbag Riley Reynolds \.

    Hey Mike South authors why cant you all post both contact numbers and E mail for the FBI agent in charge of the investigation and the State Attorney Generals office and be done this mess .


  6. Hop, if Riley is guilty of even half of what he is accused of he deserves “five bubba” punishment and prison just as much as War Machine did. What I have read about Riley is the makings of a sadistic madman. Also, at least in Michigan those aren’t “fantasies”, they are how state prisons are run. I would think from the way Rob Black came out of federal prison talking about “fucking them where they breathe” that he received the same punishment in La Tuna Federal Prison and happened to like it. I hope if Riley is guilty he goes to La Tuna and has to both get “fucked where he breathes and shits” and eat out a chick guard with a bad case of stinky pussy five times a week for however long he is incarcerated there!

    Also, Hop, who ever the fuck you are, don’t try to tell everyone what they supposedly don’t want to hear. Also, make sure to fuck that skank pussy. People like Lily Lane, Tana Lea, Bonnie Rotten and Anna Bell Peaks need some dick, too, but most of us can’t get it up to them (too bad, Anna Bell sounds like a nice person that just made a really bad decision getting tatted up like she is — but that decision still cost her $200K or more worth of porn work).

  7. Skeet, I am not a Mike South site journalist but here is the number for the California Attorney General’s Office: (916) 210-6276. Here is their website:

    Here is the Florida Attorney General’s phone numbers: 850-414-3300 and 850-414-3990. Here is their web submission form: — I hope this helps.

    As for the FBI, I don’t know enough information to get you the agent in charge’s name or even which state the investigation is in. The Los Angeles area main FBI office number is : (310) 477-6565. Their Miami area number is: (754) 703-2000. These might also help.

  8. Tattoos are the least of Ophelia Rain’s problems. Let’s just say there isn’t a drug that girl isn’t into.

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