Porn Star Riley Ray Charged With Murder Of Her Baby

Female Performer Riley Ray started her career in porn in 2007, when she was just 18 years old. She stopped performing in 2016.

Riley Ray Charges With Murder and and Felony Child Abuse

She hasn’t been doing well lately. According to prosecutors, she’s had a bit of a drug problem and now things have taken a turn for the worse. She has been charged with murder and felony child abuse. The dead baby and her mother tested positive for methamphetamine.

She was first arrested for heroin and burglary back in 2010 and then, has had a rough few years.

But that was ten years ago. According to Riley Ray, she’s been clean for six years now. She’s also the mother of three children, two of which are alive, the third of which she is now charged with the murder of.

Just before 7 a.m. on Nov. 15, 2020, Oceanside, California police were notified of a newborn, later identified in court documents as Kiera C., who wasn’t breathing. Paramedics and officers quickly responded to a home on Canyonside Way and first responders began to render CPR to the baby. The infant was then taken to an area hospital, where she later died.

The baby’s cause of death has not been revealed but Oceanside police said “based on the information received from the follow-up investigation and the autopsy results,” authorities determined RILEY RAY should face charges in the case.


In her defense, Riley Ray has released the following statement on one of her social media pages.

Riley Ray Charges With Murder and and Felony Child Abuse

How about none of you know what happened and how dare you even come onto my page have you EVER experienced molestation for 6 years by an Oceanside lieutenant Shawn Murray who was arrested for domestic violence against my mother and then disgraced as an officer and who has now a soon to be open SV case against him (if justice is justice as it should be) let alone gone into labor UNEXPECTEDLY ALL BY YOURSELF DURING COVID WITH NO ONE TO HELP YOU AND BEEN ABLE TO COME THROUGH THE OTHER SIDE ?
Literally go have coffee with the stuttering DA who got to hash out my past with wait what? lie after lie after lie after distortion of the truth. Where’s your dirty laundry?
Broadcast is on the news! All of it, now! You all belong together. Too bad you’ll lose. Again and again. Because I am a great person and an even better mother and what I went through was horrific and all you “mothers” … you do what I did. See how well you muster up the strength to deliver a child yourself at home alone no phone to contact anyone screaming after being left by someone you thought was your ride to the hospital because he was “scared”.
Oh man!!! The power this has given me thank you all I can’t wait to prove you all wrong.
If you have no life enjoy my trial. Sad excuses for lives the comments I just read. Absolutely trash. I know who I am. Do you? Degenerates
I have nothing but the utmost respect for the courts.
She also had this to say ….
Hi all! anyone who thinks my beautiful son Ezekiel is not with me because of my 6 years ago issue with drugs like the person who text me randomly not revealing their name claiming that that’s why I do not have my son and that my mom tells them everything- end quote, I feel bad for you that you do not know me. My mom called and text that person claiming harassment and threatening them to call the police.
Me and my mom are doing better than ever. The recommendation from social services to keep my son in home with me was ruled in the court and 5 hours later I got a call from my lawyer saying that the recommendation was changed because they had found out about all the 5 police reports when Jaypee abused me during my pregnancy.
THAT is why they took him, because they know we are on a lease together even though we do not live together as of October 31st. I have complied and finished all my parenting and dv support groups, meetings, co parenting certificateS, as well as getting drug tested monthly and whenever CWS asks me to. I have women I talk to on the phone in AA and support as they help support me. I forgive my mom and she forgives me.
Her and I are a team for my beautiful son Caden and she is a support and loving grandmother to my beautiful baby Ezekiel. I have my parental rights and they are not going anywhere. Thank you to 3 people who combined sent me over a thousand dollars through Zelle for this personal emergency.
As soon as my picture ID comes in the mail I begin my work at Target I have already been hired. yay me! good job good benefits. I have to move soon and protect my credit by not losing my Avalon until Geico fixes it and I can sell it and then pay off my lenders. Trust me I have reached out to every avenue of womens resources and county resources and nothing can help. I have lowered the amount because of the money that I was given and I am not begging for money. if anyone sends a donation and wants me to sign an affidavit promissory note to pay it back once I begin work I will show proof of hire and correspondence between my job and I and I will do just that. pay you back. My mom is in no position to help me any more than she has and I love her and in her own words ” I love you sooooooo much I am so proud of you, Caden misses his momma”
However, despite what she says, prosecutors said she hasn’t been clean and they have the evidence to prove it. In fact, she found out she was pregnant while visiting a methadone clinic.

On Nov. 15, 2020, RILEY RAY called emergency services to say that her newborn baby wasn’t breathing. Emergency services responded to her apartment to find a newborn infant that wasn’t breathing and took the baby to a hospital where it was pronounced dead.

A later autopsy determined the baby was alive at the time of birth, said Tom Bussey, a spokesperson for the Oceanside Police Department. Bussey said he did not know further details of the investigation including the cause of death for the infant.

“It wasn’t a stillborn baby,” Bussey said.

The autopsy has been sealed at the request of the Oceanside Police Department, a spokesperson for the San Diego County medical examiner said.

In court, Deputy District Attorney Chantal De Mauregne said Carpenter was alone when she went into labor at home. The prosecutor said the mother “cut the baby’s umbilical cord and tried to stop the bleeding by putting a piece of scotch tape over her belly button and putting a diaper on her.”

She said the mother “sent several text messages and even a photograph of the child” about a half-hour before calling 911. The baby bled to death.

Riley Rey is charged under a theory of second-degree murder, which carries a potential sentence of 15-years-to-life. She has pleaded not guilty.

The day the girl was born, the baby and her mother tested positive for methamphetamine and buprenorphine, used for withdrawal from opioids, specifically heroin, De Maurenge said.


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Porn Star Riley Ray Charged With Murder Of Her Baby

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