Now here’s a guy I’m actually proud to know

and his website is a must read for anyone in any part of the adult industry. If you EVER get the chance to hear this guy speak DO NOT miss it, J.D. is both entertaining and very knowledgeable.

J.D. Obenberger Writes:

1. Both Ashcroft v. ACLU and Los Angeles v. Alameda Books have been posted in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, together with brief commentary, on xxxlaw for your easy access to these new and critical cases.

2. My associate Reed Lee will be joining me to speak at the Cybererotica AWE event in Chicago on May 18, and is expected to share his insightful comments into the significance of these cases as well as the developments since Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition was decided by the Supreme Court. Reed helped to prepare the lawyers who argued at the Supreme Court in two significant First Amendment cases this term and he personally attended the oral arguments in those cases. We urge all who can attend the event to pre-register now through the link on’s “speaking engagements” page for a legal seminar you won’t forget.

3. Our office brought suit against the City of North Chicago this morning at 9 a.m. on behalf of a business closed two weeks ago on orders of the Mayor and Police Chief alleging that it was a public nuisance. We sought a temporary restraining order, a preliminary injunction, a permanent injunction and damages for the violation of our clients’ civil rights. I personally served the documents on the Mayor, Police Chief and Building Commissioner at City Hall and met them with Reed later in Court. By 11:00 a.m. the City had agreed to a preliminary injunction against interference with the business. I am happy to announce that the business was back in operation by afternoon. Excellent work on the Pleadings by Reed. Negotiations for damages and attorney’s fees are underway.

4. As a result of attending the National Cybercrime Conference at John Marshall Law School last week, conducted largely by top-echelon US Department of Justice prosecutors and policy makers, and attended in the main by federal and state prosecutors and law enforcement personnel, my legal seminar remarks in Montreal for Cybernet Expo will center on the agenda and techniques of the Justice Department. And what they had to say when the microphones weren’t on. I hope to see you there at Fay’s show.


Joe Obenberger,
Attorney at Law

2830cookie-checkNow here’s a guy I’m actually proud to know

Now here’s a guy I’m actually proud to know

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