Nacho Vidal to stand trial for death by toad venom

Nacho Vidal is due to stand trial charged with the reckless manslaughter of a photographer in a ritual involving toad venom.

He was arrested last year after the man died, from an event hosted at Nacho Vidal’s house.

A court in Xativa, Spain has started a trial against the actor for the death of a well-known photographer during a rite involving the ‘bufo alvarius’ toad, also known as the Colorado River toad, the venom of which is a hallucinogen nicknamed ‘Molecule of God’, it is used as an antidepressant.

Nacho Vidal was said to be very sad over the death of the man, who inhaled the fumes of the venom, in what he called a “regrettable accident”.

The events took place on July 28, 2019, at a house belonging to Vidal. The investigation has revealed that the victim died due to an adverse reaction to the substance after participating in a “spiritual or mystical rite” consisting of inhaling the smoke from the combustion of the toad’s scales. Vidal directed the practice as he had experience in this rite and was the one who provided the substance, although he denies practicing shamanism.

Despite being the one “controlling” the situation, the investigation revealed that he did not measure the amount supplied, failed to anticipate the risks which were involved, and took no precautions.

The judge considers his actions to have been “irrational, reckless and dangerous” and points out that there was no first aid kit or defibrillator in the house, nor did Vidal know how to correctly perform CPR.

The judge has also highlighted that the psychoactive substance, methylbufotenine, cannot be considered a medicine.

In accordance with Spain law, the prosecution now has 10 days to formulate a written accusation and request the opening of the hearing for reckless manslaughter.

We’ll update you as more information on this trial becomes available.


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Nacho Vidal to stand trial for death by toad venom

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