Nacho Vidal Manslaughter Arrest Update

Earlier this year Nacho Vidal was arrested for manslaughter after a man died at an event he hosted at his house. The event in question Nacho Vidal claims was a religious ceremony, which involves toad venom. Nacho Vidal calls it a “tragic accident” and claims he’s not responsible.

He said the person who died had used the toad venom before and had wanted to experience it again. The individual attended the ritual organized by Vidal and the two other people. Police said the incident took place in July 2019 in the town of Enguera, near Valencia, in eastern Spain. The person died during the “mystical ritual involving the inhalation of venomous vapors from the Bufo alvarius toad.” The amphibian releases a venom called 5-MeO-DMT, which is known to have hallucinogenic effects.
Nacho Vidal and two other individuals were arrested on May 29, on suspicion of manslaughter and following an 11-month investigation. Police have not named the man who died. The names of the two other people — a man and a woman — who were arrested along with Vidal have not been made public.

Nacho Vidal is on provisional release, pending a trial. In the meantime, he’s making money through OnlyFans and FanCentro.

Nacho Vidal now claims the previous stories, including his own admission that he was HIV positive are now false. That he isn’t HIV positive and it was just people spreading lies about him.

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Nacho Vidal Manslaughter Arrest Update

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  1. If he wasn’t Nacho Vidal he would not have even been brought up on charges. How often do you hear about a bunch of folks doing drugs together , one ODs so the cops put everyone there present on trial for manslaughter? That just never happens…. unless you are famous.

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