Nacho Vidal Arrested for Killing a Photographer

Nacho Vidal has been arrested for “reckless homicide”.

I was working on a story recently about Nacho Vidal who had begun filming again after finding out he was HIV positive, but that story gets pushed aside now as news breaks that he was arrested once he killed a photographer with toad poison, in what Spanish media is a shamanic ritual gone wrong.


Nacho Vidal Arrested for Killing a Photographer

Nacho Vidal was arrested alongside a family member and an employee following a year-long investigation into the death of photographer Jose Luis Abad, who was a noted fashion photographer for “glossy magazine Urban VLC.”

They confiscated his passport as he awaits trial.

The murder took place on the morning of July 28, he was believed to have undergone the shamanic ritual on the Bufo toad. Apparently it makes the person who does it experience intense hallucinations.

Unfortuenly, the poison from the toad can often prove fatal as in this case. Abad suffered a stroke after and was dead within minutes.

According to investigators, those present (Nacho Vidal) did nothing to help him as he suffered seizures and laid covered in bruises and stiff on the ground.

The family of the deceased pushed for an investigation, which has resulted in the three arrests almost a year later.

Nacho Vidal has claimed he carried out the ritual as a favor to Abad and that he himself had done it in the past.

The rite of the bufo toad; consists of smoking bufantoin, the poison extracted from the Sonoran toad, or bufo alvarius, one of the most potent hallucinogens found in nature. During the ceremony, it is smoked crystallized in a glass pipe for curative or simply hallucinogenic purposes.

Again it often leads to death so don’t go trying this.

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Nacho Vidal Arrested for Killing a Photographer

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  1. First he spreads HIV and now he’s out here catching bodies? Salute to this man and the perverts who are enabling him. Europeans… very classy people.

  2. HIV positive and arrested for murder…and people wonder why pornstars are not respected.

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