More on the Club Zinc raid Saturday night:

This story promises to get bigger and bigger, among those arrested were a Local News anchor (Female) and several people under the age of 18. Jasen Ford aka Jasen Chadwick, owner of a yahoo group called Atlanta Gangbang has been charged with Felony Sexual Exploitation of a minor, Operating a business without a license, Serving alcohol without a license, public indecency, disorderly conduct and one or two other misdameanors. More charges against Ford are expected including potential child pornography charges.

Party attendees are claiming that the police had no search warrant for the club (They didn’t). But because invitations were available freely on the internet it was in fact a public event therefore the police did not need a warrant.

Jasen Ford aka Jasen Chadwick has been performing in local high schools as a magician, it’s just a matter of time before the media picks that up and runs with it. Recently Mr. Ford was given the key to the city of East Point, GA by the East Point Mayor.

Mr Ford remains in jail as of this morning. More as this develops.

Sex Party Raid from

It was a sex scene that had to be seen to be believed, and for three hours undercover Atlanta cops watched.

Then they busted the Club Zinc at 582 Piedmont Avenue and put 115 people in jail Saturday night for paying $25 each to see one woman have sex with maybe 10 men.

“Anybody who was there knew why they were there — there were no innocent walk-ups,” said Sgt. Wayne Whitmire, of the organized crime unit of Atlanta police.

He said most of them found about the party on a Web site.

Among those arrested were a 16-year-old girl who performed a sex act onstage, and two men that police claim were the party’s hosts.

Richard Craven, 38, of Alpharetta, and David Havener, 39, of Atlanta, have been charged with operating a business without a license, and serving alcohol without a license. Police said it was the first night the business was open.

Amanda Jones, 29, of Cumming, who police said performed sex on stage, was charged with public indecency.

“There were so many people coming into the club we were afraid we couldn’t safely deal with all the people,” Whitmire said. “If we had waited longer, we could have arrested 300 people.”

Police said it took more than three hours to arrest and put the 45 females and 70 males in jail Saturday night and early Sunday morning. All were charged with disorderly conduct.

Atlanta attorney Alan Begner called the charges outrageous. He represents 40 of those arrested. “If you go to a nightclub and drink and you’re arrested because the nightclub wasn’t licensed properly, you deserve an apology. These people did nothing wrong.”

The sex show was billed as an “all-action party” in an advertisement on the Internet that invited people to “put on your sexiest outfit or let your imagination run wild, but be ready to dance and party the night away.”

Craven and Havener couldn’t be reached for comment Monday.

Police said the club is part of a growing side of Atlanta night life that is not found in city tourism brochures and has come under police scrutiny.

“We’re looking at escort services and any kind of sex services,” Whitmire said. “This is a part of that investigation.”

This is a breaking story, more as it develops. The Gangbang was being filmed and that could bring federal child pornography charges, I am watching this story closely, expect more in the coming days. The website referred to was a yahoo group advertising gangbangs in Atlanta.

4260cookie-checkMore on the Club Zinc raid Saturday night:

More on the Club Zinc raid Saturday night:

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