Michael Pratt of GirlsDoPorn Fled the Country

Right smack in the middle of his trial, Michael J. Pratt of Girls Do Porn fled the country.

Michael J Pratt owner of girls do porn
Michael J Pratt

According to a story on NBC, right smack in the middle of their trial, the court was informed that Pratt was no longer in the country, despite being under a subpoena to testify.

I hate to say we are shocked by this but let’s be real. Who didn’t see this coming?

“We have been informed that [Pratt] is no longer in the jurisdiction and is no longer available to testify, even though he is under court order to [be] here in court,” said lead attorney Ed Chapin.

The trial began on Aug. 20 in San Diego Superior Court. During which, several plaintiffs who appeared in the videos have testified, as well as former employees including one of the videographers who admitted to lying to the women before and after the shoots.

The website’s owner, Michael Pratt, was set to testify in the coming weeks. Those plans, however, are now up in the air.

“I have never had this happen before we are going to be running it to ground and asking the court for whatever relief we can get,” added plaintiff’s attorney Chapin.

Daniel Kaplan, who represents the website and owner Pratt, dismissed any notion that his client intentionally fled the country.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with the trial,” Kaplan said outside the courtroom. “The trial date was uncertain for a number of months and the case has been going on for three years. People still have their lives to lead, including the defendants.”

His attorney claims he didn’t flee the country, but well, what else is he gonna say? His client ran off right in the middle of a trial, even after being under a court order to be present.

512530cookie-checkMichael Pratt of GirlsDoPorn Fled the Country

Michael Pratt of GirlsDoPorn Fled the Country

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  1. I’d like to know who much dough he took with him when he bounced? The more money he has the less chance he will get caught.

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