Michael Avenatti convicted on all three charges in Nike extortion trial

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A Manhattan jury on Friday convicted jackass Michael Avenatti on all three charges concerning his attempts to extort up to $25 million from Nike.

The disgraced attorney was accused of threatening to expose allegations that amateur basketball players were engaged in bribery unless the company paid him off. He was charged with transmission of interstate communications with intent to extort, honest services wire fraud, attempted extortion.

Avenatti, who was made famous by his representation of faded porn star Stormy Daniels, was jailed last month after the federal district court judge following accusations that he committed more financial crimes while out on bail.

Avenatti will be tried in two other criminal cases in federal court on charges that he defrauded multiple clients and stole millions of dollars.

An April 21 trial date was set in a pending federal criminal case charging he stole from Daniels, the NY Post reports.

552990cookie-checkMichael Avenatti convicted on all three charges in Nike extortion trial

Michael Avenatti convicted on all three charges in Nike extortion trial

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  1. Dr. Avenatti, don’t drop the soap. Better yet, do drop the soap and spread your ass cheeks wide for all to see and penetrate! I hope you go up the river for twenty five to life and that Stormy takes you for every dime you have!!!!!!!!!! I hope those drugs, fast cars, big houses, prostitutes and fucking Stormy was worth living in utter filth and being tortured nightly by both the screws and inmates for the rest of your natural life, cocksucker. Maybe you will pussy out and go to protective solitary confinement to get away from the Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, Nazi Low Riders, etc., but the screws will still get you.

  2. I backed off of it but in this case I think my comment is pertinent and I hope that motherfucker gets what is coming to him. I don’t particularly like Stormy but Avenatti’s highway robbery of her and others really pisses me off!

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