Maitland Ward Calls Allan Gelbard Lawsuit ‘Lies’, ‘a Complete Fairy Tale’, an Attempt to ‘Extort’ Her

Wednesday, the internet was abuzz with a TMZ report that a “reality TV” actress and videographer had sued adult star Maitland Ward over an alleged video production deal gone bad. Ward retorts that the entire narrative upon which the case is based is “a complete fairy tale.” brought by Allan Gelbard.

Maitland Ward Calls Allan Gelbard Lawsuit 'Lies', 'a Complete Fairy Tale' an Attempt to 'Extort' Her

Although the plaintiffs are unnamed in the TMZ story, a little digging into Los Angeles Superior Court files reveals that they are named Raquel Petersen and Adam Frank. Smells like a Allan Gelbard shake down.

Petersen is seeking $180K and Frank $90K.

And look who filed the case: attorney Allan Gelbard, a man who is no stranger to throwing around wild, baseless accusations in order to get some ink. . . and hopefully a lucrative settlement.

The irritating Gelbard is of course best known as the bus driver in the Shane’s World video series.

Maitland Ward Calls Allan Gelbard Lawsuit 'Lies', 'a Complete Fairy Tale' an Attempt to 'Extort' Her

Maitland Ward has released the following statement about the case:

I have not seen or worked with either of the two people making these accusations since June of 2019. Each time prior to that time period, both were compensated for their time and efforts in creating adult content that both parties used and shared on our paid platforms.

This story of selling a video is false. I decided to go professional as of July 2019, and no longer work with either of these two individuals, or any amateurs for that matter.

The fact that these long-time friends have decided to join together, after so many months, to sue me is complete slander and immoral. There are zero contracts and agreements that have any info pertaining to this completely made up story. The fact that these two individuals claim I made $500k on a sex tape only using girls is a complete fairy tale. This has zero logic or common sense, and could never happen to anyone, anywhere, who is making adult content on their own. I find their current actions highly suspicious, taking place during an industry shutdown, that this lawsuit is being published now from work done over 2 years ago.

This serves as a warning to all Adult Film Stars to be careful of outsiders that you work with. Anyone can make up lies in order to go through the efforts to extort money from you.

We could not agree more, Maitland, and look forward to these fairy tale-weaving fakers owing YOU money when this is all over!

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Maitland Ward Calls Allan Gelbard Lawsuit ‘Lies’, ‘a Complete Fairy Tale’, an Attempt to ‘Extort’ Her

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6 Responses

  1. I don’t know Maitland and her spouse or relative (they both have the same last name, Baxter) but even taking into account her past mainstream career on Boy Meets World (which was almost 30 years ago) I suspect this is going to be one hell of a financial hit on her whether she settles the case or fights it. Cases like this cost six figures to fight, if Mr. Frank and Ms. Peterson are making this up they deserve to be put in stocks, tarred and feathered by Maitland and the other defendant. I would also like a chance to tar and feather the plaintiffs if the accusations aren’t true.

  2. I predict that in the end the case will be dismissed, or these grifter plaintiffs will lose big and owe Ms. Ward her attorney’s fees.

    Setting aside the he said-she said aspects, the whole idea that an amateur video shot in a hotel room has such value is mind-blowingly stupid and outrageous.

  3. They want almost 300k from her and she probably actually made a tiny fraction of that with todays porn market.

  4. Isn’t that a fact, XXX and Karma. I doubt she made anywhere near $300K with the movie. Unfortunately, it is usually cheaper to settle for $25K or $50K rather than fight the case and I think that is what the plaintiffs are after. It is very difficult to get your attorney’s fees out of even a patently false case, if Maitland and her spouse are lucky they might manage it but before they can get that far they have to front the six figure defense costs. The plaintiffs probably have their attorney working on contingency but defendants don’t get that luxury. I doubt she has it to front which means settlement is the more likely result. I don’t even know if Maitland can come up with $50K (if she can get it negotiated down to the $25K neighborhood she might be able to swing that by cash advances on credit cards), she is a contract performer but those contracts aren’t that lucrative nowadays, if she gets $150K per year off of her Deeper contract with Kayden Kross I would be surprised — and that is before taxes so if she were to front the costs of her defense it would likely take more than one year of her after-tax income to pull it off! She was on Boy Meets World 30 years ago but I doubt her royalties off of re-runs of the show come out to six figures per year.

  5. I always said people needed to be careful about content trades. Go figure it would be this jack ass of a lawyer to try and exploit one.

    BTW you guys know she was Brittney Wilson in White Chicks, right? LOL love that movie!!

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