Lenny Dykstra indicted on drug, terroristic threats charges

Dykstra faces charges for cocaine and methamphetamine possession, and making terroristic threats.

A New Jersey grand jury indicted former Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra on drug possession and threat charges Tuesday, stemming from his arrest in Linden Township this past May.

Dykstra was arrested after he allegedly threatened a New Jersey Uber driver with a gun while he had multiple drugs on his person. The Uber driver told police Dykstra pulled the gun and threatened to kill him because the driver had refused to change the destination of Dykstra’s ride.

In June, authorities released body cam footage of Dykstra’s arrest:

Dykstra, a three-time All-Star, retired after the 1996 season. He’s faced multiple run-ins with the law, including three guilty counts of bankruptcy in 2012 that sent him to prison for more than six months and multiple sexual assault allegations.

In 2015, he was charged with stealing $50,000 in jewelry from porn star Brett Rossi.

In February, Dykstra was in the news after giving an interview to The Hollywood Reporter in which he made some outrageous and unsettling claims against Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen. (Dykstra had previously monetized his past relationship with Sheen in a 2016 book, House of Nails.)

His latest bizarre claims included allegations that Sheen is a murderer and has a gay sex tape.

Even more outrageously, Dykstra also claims that Keith Davidson, Sheen’s attorney and a famous “fixer” who was responsible for helping Michael Cohen arrange a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about an alleged affair then-candidate Donald Trump, was the one who screened a copy of the tape for him!

293220cookie-checkLenny Dykstra indicted on drug, terroristic threats charges

Lenny Dykstra indicted on drug, terroristic threats charges

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  1. Roids and head injuries have taken their toll with this guy. Sadly I expect this one to end very badly.

  2. I wonder if Monica Foster is still trying to get 5 large back from Dykstra for the Bopping Betty he wrote when she was an escort?

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