It’s not a hard act to follow:

I see this all the time, chicks advertising on websites and sending emails saying that they will do hardcore and will travel to do it IF EXPENSES ARE PAID.

OK guys I’m going to give everyone in the biz some free legal advice that may keep you out of an orange suit.

NEVER, EVER pay travel expenses for a girl to shoot any kind of sexually oriented material for you (or a guy for that matter). If you do not know why you should never ever do this it is because doing so puts you in DIRECT VIOLATION of a Federal Law called “The Mann Act” The Mann Act makes it illegal to transport a person across state lines for an “immoral purpose” it doesn’t matter if what you are transporting them to do is legal in your state.

Without going into great detail about it filming a sexually oriented video of any kind is in fact an immoral purpose. She can pay her own way and that is fine but if you buy that ticket for her or officially re-imburse her for it you can go to a federal penitentary.

3940cookie-checkIt’s not a hard act to follow:

It’s not a hard act to follow:

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