Is Mercedes Carrera about to get out of jail?

Mercedes Carrera and her husband Jason Whitney have been in jail for months, being held without bail due to the horrific nature of their crimes. For those that don’t remember the couple is charged with sexual abuse of a minor(s) and possession of drugs and firearms.

The couple have had friends selling everything they could get their hands on to try and raise money for a lawyer or for bail if they ever could get bail set on their case.

That has now been granted in the amount of $2 million each, significantly lower than the $4 million that the DA’s office wanted.

Our sources tell us that after liquidating their assets, they have just enough money for one of them to cover the up to 10% requested by the bail bondsman to get out if a family member or good friend is willing to put up their house or something else of equal value for collateral.

So will it be Mercedes or her husband who will be getting out on bail?

I can’t imagine what kind of man would get himself out and leave his wife to rot in jail. I think it would be far more likely that Mercedes Carrera uses the money to get herself out of jail since it’s most likely it was her money to begin with — money made through porn.

If that is the case, our source who is close to Mercedes Carrera tells us that she could be out on bail in just a few days.

In the meaning time, they also had their preliminary hearing set for July 17, 2019, at 8:30 AM




476840cookie-checkIs Mercedes Carrera about to get out of jail?

Is Mercedes Carrera about to get out of jail?

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  1. How about some jail guard fuck the shit out of her then shoot her ass before she can get out and fuck any more kids! If Mercedes Carrera gets out of jail, (likely) 50 more kids get fucked for every week she is out on bail. Her meth dealer will be happy to have his “best” customer back, though.

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