I want to make one more thing PERFECTLY CLEAR

If you are hiring this guy, sending talent to this guy or using this guy in any capacity and I find out about it I PROMISE that I will expose you for the lowlife, scumbag, motherfucker you are when all this breaks. So If you think you are in a Pole position or that the Sensation will pass…think again.

Regarding the rape story below JimmyD did a damn fine op/ed READ IT!

I spoke with the DA this morning and it appears that JimmyD is right, they are not gonna move on this guy anytime soon, this has been going on for almost a year now, It is time they stopped him, or time WE stop him.

While Gene was cutting a pasting from fark.com and AVN was running press releases JimmyD and I got together and compared notes. JimmyD broke this story first, when I read it I had an idea who it was and started hammering my sources and I hit paydirt, JimmyD and I are now sharing info and comparing strategies.

Let me make one thing PERFECTLY clear to anyone who reads this, I am NOT giving up. I have some pretty big cards I can play before this is all over, it ain’t going to go away.

2030cookie-checkI want to make one more thing PERFECTLY CLEAR

I want to make one more thing PERFECTLY CLEAR

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