Hussie Models has another talent arrested!

Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models is known for associating only with the best. So it won’t surprise many of our regular readers to hear that one of his own, a male talent by the name of Tony D was arrested for kidnapping and strangling a female in a domestic battery situation during the time that he was repped by Hussie Models.

We only just found out about the criminal act, but it doesn’t make it any less salacious.

We are told Tony D is no longer repped by Hussie, that he recently has signed up with Coxxx Modeling. However, at the time of the incident, he was with Riley Reynolds from Hussie Models. In fact, Tony D starred in the now infamous Hot Girls Wanted documentary now available on Netflix.



482220cookie-checkHussie Models has another talent arrested!

Hussie Models has another talent arrested!

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3 Responses

  1. Another Hussie Models client gets arrested for assaultive behavior????? What is in the water in Florida and specifically in the Hussie Models “model house”????? I know this one is almost three years old but is this guy still actually performing in Florida where a large percentage of the roles are “amateur” roles with fresh, young, noob talent (and more likely to piss him off with either immature or ignorant actions and get choked out on set like he did his “domestic” partner)? His last sexual role was in 2018 according to IAFD with one non-sex role in 2019. Also, what is the final outcome of these charges. I can’t imagine that after over 2 1/2 years this is still pending (the date on the charge sheet is 11/13/2017)?

  2. Matthew – try deep breathing. This is how the porn industry operates. You have to accept it.

  3. Not the whole industry, BevMo (although maybe it is on your sets when Jacky St. James isn’t your boss). You don’t hear of this shit very often from other agencies clients and this shit doesn’t happen on Jacky’s or Holly Randall’s sets (BTW, Jacky and Holly, you are both hot and could do scenes as talent — probably better than 60% of the talent working today). Hussie Models seems to have at least 75% of the bad apples in this industry and many of the directors and producers don’t put up with it. Hell, nowadays you don’t even hear about this shit happening on Jim Powers’ sets (although it did when he was directing for JM). Even if this was standard course for porn (which it is definitely NOT) it is fair to ask about the disposition of Tony D’s case and how long he was sentenced to be some gangbanger’s bitch in prison.

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