Hussie Models California Talent Agency License Has Not Been Renewed @hussiemodels

Hussie Models has been under investigation with the California Department of Labor for some time. As a result of their ongoing investigation, they have only been renewing the Hussie Models talent agency license for 3 months at a time.

Hussie Models License Expired Turns out they decided not to renew their license. The Talent Agency License database was updated on October 10th and as you can see, they did not renew the  Models license, which expired to two days prior.

In Florida, they are continuing their investigation into his license and we are told there are currently not one, not two but three criminal investigations into Riley Reynolds and Hussie Models.

Although we aren’t privy to all the details of the ongoing criminal investigation, we know this comes just after it was revealed that Riley Reynolds was associated with Geoff Hobbs, who runs the model house where Violet Rain was living prior to her tragic death.

We will keep you updated as more information about the criminal investigation becomes available.

The is no end to the antics of Riley, what’s next



517140cookie-checkHussie Models California Talent Agency License Has Not Been Renewed @hussiemodels

Hussie Models California Talent Agency License Has Not Been Renewed @hussiemodels

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8 Responses

  1. The ones who should care, don’t. The many new models they’ve signed in the last few months. That’s what’s sad.

  2. The question is, are all of the past contracts invalid now. I know they can’t procure work for people without a license but since they were licensed does the contract still apply until they can’t legally get work for their clients for four months like state law states?

    I tend to agree that noobs won’t generally give a shit. 18 year old chicks from hick land don’t know the law. The question is whether Riley will give them shit when they do find out and try to get out of their contracts. The next question is whether Hussie Pass is going to be no longer now that Riley can’t legally coerce performers into performing with his gay ass and all of his gay friends. The (then) Hussie Auditons scene with Carolina Sweets was especially asinine, that scene was a DP of sorts — one dick was in Carolina while Riley’s dick was in the ass of the guy that had his dick in Carolina. I guess a woman can consent to that but I have the feeling Carolina didn’t exactly consent to the gay stuff.

    The next question is how did Riley get Casey Calvert drunk enough to fuck for his skanky site (I also wonder how Mark Spiegler felt when he found out that she did a scene for Riley, he allows his performers to book their own work as well so nothing illegal was involved on that end). Yes, she recently did a scene for his site. My computer won’t play the preview properly (that means his site’s programmer sucks) but I was able to ascertain that it was actually her in the video. I could not ascertain who the guy was performing with her.

  3. Snagging 18 year old hicks from the sticks is what got GDP into the shitstorm they find themselves in.

  4. Watch the original Hot Girls Wanted on Netflix. At that time Riley was snagging a lot of 18 year old hicks from the sticks. Carolina Sweets (the “beard” in the picture of Riley Reynolds fucking some other dude up the ass while the dude fucked Carolina’s pussy) wasn’t much older, either — and that was filmed in the past 18 months. The “free trip to Miami or Los Angeles” line is ridiculous, these girls are actually being charged for their “free” trips later on.

  5. @mharris

    The agent must have a valid license to act as an agent.

    Have to ask a lawyer to discern issues dealing with collecting fees for services & scenes performed before license expired.

  6. the department of labor updated their database again on 10/13 and hussie license is still expired. looks like this is legit

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