Flash Brown’s Hearing Was Yesterday. It did not go well for him.

Flash Brown had a pre-trial hearing yesterday in the domestic violence case that he’s currently sitting in jail for.  He’s facing up to 10 years in prison. Although it’s far more likely he’ll only serve a year or two because the courts don’t always give the maximum sentences on all charges.

He’s charged with 7 counts.

  • Count 1 and 2: 273.5(F)(1) – Corporal Injury to a Spouse / Cohabitant
  • Count 3: 266I(A)(1) – Pimping and Pandering
  • Count 4: 647(J)(4) – Revenge Porn
  • Count 5, 6 and 7: 166(C)(1) –  Contempt of Court

In the hearing today his wife and another victim testified before the judge as to the abuses they faced at the hands of Flash Brown.

The trial is set for later this year unless of course, his lawyer gets him some sort of plea deal, which isn’t all that likely considering he’s had multiple cases brought forth over the years with several different women.

This is a man who clearly doesn’t learn his lesson.

Last year he was jailed for beating his wife. He got out on bail and was staying in a hotel. He texted his wife this picture claiming to be all sad and alone in the hotel, missing her, wishing she would let him come home. She agrees and within months he beats her to within an inch of her life and he’s now back in jail.

We got our hands on that picture and you know what stood out to us about it? The hot pink phone case on the bed and the pink purse on the floor.  Clearly, he was not in that hotel alone. lol

The crazy thing is, his wife is hot as fuck. What an idiot he is for not appreciating that fine piece of ass.

And good for her for finally kicking that low rent mother fucker to the curb and testifying against him today.

We’ll let you know if he takes a plea deal or when his trial date is finally set later in the year.



437150cookie-checkFlash Brown’s Hearing Was Yesterday. It did not go well for him.

Flash Brown’s Hearing Was Yesterday. It did not go well for him.

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7 Responses

  1. Thankfully for Mr. Brown, porn doesn’t discriminate against male performers who beat up women. He’ll always be welcomed in porn with open arms.

  2. I think the only porn Flash Brown will be doing in the near future is prison porn with Bubba. Fortunately, inmates aren’t allowed to have cameras so we won’t be subjected to it. It sounds like Flash is a horrible dude — hopefully his future holds many years in San Quentin, Corcoran, Soledad or Folsom.

  3. Well the Bed is unmade as in it seems like Flash already banged the girl who took the pic.
    Also giving a Cheers with a plastic cup with Hennessy XO the expensive version is kinda nice. The Hennessy bottle is on the floor next to his horrific toes badly in need of a pedicure .

    By the way Mike my I ask if that is a used condom on the floor or is that a females hair tie on the floor ? If its a condom it might be magnums super large, I just cant tell.
    Anyways Flash had a nice night with a girl coming over and all. Was this pic sent to the wife in a desperate plea be allowed back home ?
    Bless him

  4. Mr. Kak, Mike didn’t write this article. A person using the pseudonym Porn News wrote it. Mike has retired and only turns in an article about once a month.

    As for his drink of choice, good catch. I had to blow up the picture and look really close to find it. I preferred Crown Royal or Glenlivet myself but I guess a plastic Solo cup with Henny doesn’t look any less tacky.

  5. Very Observant on the part of Mr Kak
    My goodness, the wife is quite the trophy arm candy. How did Flash manage to con his way into her heart

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