Director Alex Puller @AlexPullerX Sues Ireland Rose @irelandrosetv for Defamation and WON

Alex Puller (@AlexPullerX) is a director for companies like FTV Girls, Nubiles, and Team Skeet. Represented himself in court Successfully, Has reviled in his case.

In 2016 Ireland Rose (@irelandrosetv) (and her ex-boyfriend) accused Alex Puller of sexual assault. This nearly ruined this man’s life as a result, he was discharged from the Marines and lost several jobs as a direct result of these accusations.

The problem is, these allegations weren’t true. And she even admitted as much.

But first, let’s start with how all this went down.

She reached out to him on social media and demanded money, or she will go public with her claims of sexual assault. This was her first mistake.

What did he do? Well, instead of giving it to her, Alex Puller spent the money on a lawyer.

He sued her for extortion, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and tortious interference with business … since she tried to get the companies he works with not to work with him anymore.

This lawsuit took several years to make its way through the court system, but in the end, Alex Puller won his case and in a big way.

In all, there were 40 specific claims against “Ireland Rose,” all of which she denied.

Here is her story…

In 2015 I found a huge passion in modeling, it was my childhood dream come true and it made me unbelievably happy. I was doing freelance like I am now but I was new to it. In 2016 I was approached by a photographer (known as Lee Richardson) who wanted me to fly out to Washington DC. He would host me and my boyfriend then, Justus Keppel, and help me get photo shoots while staying there. There was also another model who was staying in his home but out of respect I’m going to use a false name, *Norah Jean*.

Justus and myself during the trip witnessed Lee sexually assault *Norah*. Around a week later Justus, myself and a number of her other friends escorted her to the police so she could make a report.

Lee was an active marine at the time so NCIS got ahold of the report and did an investigation. Justus and myself were asked to give our witness reports to the investigators and then partake in another testimony.

The investigation let to Lee being other than honorably discharged from the military and has since then decided to sue Justus and myself for $1.5 million.

The specifics of what he is suing me for are; extortion, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and tortious interference with business.

After meeting with an attorney who specializes in these cases, my last and best option for me was to file for bankruptcy which would ‘pardon’ me from the federal lawsuit.

She did, in fact, file bankruptcy, but the judge denied her request to exclude this lawsuit from the bankruptcy.

On February 16, 2021, after a full trial, the Bankruptcy Court denied Defendant discharge of all debts arising from willful and malicious injury caused by Defendant upon Plaintiff.

This was probably in part due to the fact that she admitted on more than one occasion what she had said was a lie.

If you’ve ever asked yourself if there is a punishment for falsely accusing someone of rape? The answer is yes, and this case shows it.

What you say on social media has ramifications, especially if it isn’t true.

You can’t go around accusing someone of rape if it’s a lie. Not only might you face personal consequences for this, but you also lessen the chances REAL VICTIMS will get justice.

Lying about sexual assault only hurts real victims of sexual assault.


691461cookie-checkDirector Alex Puller @AlexPullerX Sues Ireland Rose @irelandrosetv for Defamation and WON

Director Alex Puller @AlexPullerX Sues Ireland Rose @irelandrosetv for Defamation and WON

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6 Responses

  1. This super bitch will never find a soul mate because she has no soul.
    Read about the case on from my ” pacer” account.. This sinister mischievous disgruntled whore, attempted to vacate the judgement award by filing a bankruptcy. She knows now a judgement for a malicious slander is not a dischargeable debt in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.
    Congrats Alex Puller on your amazing victory.

  2. Filing false police reports as a follow step to a false accusation, as an act of vengeance is the new Grandiose GOAT act these days. False accusers should be charged with the same punishment as what the accused faced.

  3. @irelandrosetv certainly is not helping in anyway with the plight of rape victims forever scared. Toss the book at her already.

  4. Thank you all for the support. It took years to win back what was taken from me.

  5. She went on facebook and admitted she lied. I’m glad that helped you in your civil case. But how is this bitch now in jail for that? She lied about a rape. She deserves to be in jail for that.

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