Derek Hay Files Appeal in Labor Hearing

In the case of Derek Hay and LA Direct Models vs Jane Does 1-5 (Charlotte Cross AKA Charlotte ORyan aka Charlotte O’Ryan , Sofi Ryan AKA Hailey Lynzz, Shay Evans AKA Gia Milana, Hadley Viscara, and Andi Rye AKA Zoe Sparx AKA Zoe Sparks), Derek Hay has opted to appeal the case and take it to civil court.

Derek Hay has said that the Labor Commissioner had allowed “no pretrial discovery, and it was therefore not possible to mount a meaningful defense, having no idea of the evidence that would be brought forth to support the charges,” and promising that his attorney would file for a “trial de novo” (new trial), which he did on June 19, shortly after the ruling was released, in Los Angeles Superior Court.

After the Commission’s ruling was announced, Hay gave a statement that said that “much of the evidence brought forth was stand-alone testimony by the Jane Does, unsupported by any relevant documentation or other evidence,” and that much of that evidence would be considered hearsay in a court trial.

In other words, a civil trial will require that a person has actual evidence for any charges they levy, while in this labor hearing, much of it was dictated by emotions and the feelings of the labor commission that oversaw the proceedings.

His attorney echoed that, stating his view that “the entire matter will be re-adjudicated after full and complete pre-trial discovery is permitted and conducted.”

“In the Superior Court, this case will be just like any other lawsuit where two parties have a dispute,” Freeman told AVN. “The parties will be able to conduct full and complete civil discovery. We will be able to send interrogatories to each of the Jane Doe claimants, we will be able to request the production of documents from them, we will be able to take their depositions, we will be able to subpoena documents from any other third parties, we will be able to get phone records and bank records and other documents that we did not have access to at the Labor Commissioner hearing. We will be able to take the depositions of other witnesses in the case if we choose to.

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Derek Hay Files Appeal in Labor Hearing

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  1. I so called this. Any porn bitch who thinks the government has their back is an idiot.

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