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Well, now my thoughts have a changed a little regarding the news. While it is great that the DOJ wont enforce the new regs for FSC members until it all shakes out, what about those that are not members? While I am glad the FSC went to bat for their members, one cannot help to compare this to the government striking a deal with a mob family not to enforce the law while they are in a lawsuit where other mob families are fair game or old day mafia that give you street protection for a price. While it is better than nothing, it still doesnt stp the fact that record keeping is going to change here very shortly.

So what does this actually do? It gives those who have ebcome lazy thinking this day wasnt going to come a chance to get caught up with compliancy. It will still force many web producers out of business.

Another thing I forgot to mention earlier. The records have to be maintained for 7 years at the specific address and the 2257 must be included in full feature films at the beginng and at the end. Scenario: I produce a film and include my current residence as the place for 2257 records. Then my house burns down or I decide to move somewhere more lucrative yet my past films still reference my old address. Feds show up to inspect the records only to find out I no longer reside there with the records. BUSTED! How many will get popped on that technicality?

Again, this is all in the name of saving the children. As a teacher, I say “WHAT THE FUCK EVER.” No one ever says what about the teachers who risks their life every day that some student is going to open fire because some girl broke his heart or a teacher failed him (this has happened to me.) No one ever says what about the police who risk their life every day that some dumb ass teenager jacks a car and damn near kills someone in a police chase. My phrase…What about the parents? When will this country quit relying on government to do the parenting and allowing parents to depend on someone else to do the job they are supposed to do? If their kid watches porn its either because the parent doesnt monitor their kids activities which in that case, they should feel lucky thats all their kid is doing instead of out creating
legal trouble (robberies, murder, rape) or that the parents are too fucking stupid to outsmart their kids. Again, someone else being punished because of a parents inability to control their child.

I see it all too often on a daily basis. Why did you fail my kid? My kid cant go to Harvard because you failed him. I tell them, “You are the one who failed him. If you would have taken the time to assist in his education, he wouldnt have failed.” So thats what this all comes down to. A nation of asshole parents who should be called anything but that relying on the government to do their job and unfortunately, innocent and hard working businessmen will pay the ultimate price.

While the news of a temporary stay is good news, its nothing more than prolonging the inevitable outcome that each day we lose more liberties we were once afforded under the constitution.


A Good Libertarian Teacher…God knows we need more of you man!

It Isn’t Official Till The Judge Says So: (EXCLUSIVE)

But here is the deal the FSC struck with the DOJ

Under the deal, the government will not enforce the new 2257 regulations until the FSC’s lawsuit challenging them is resolved.

Technically this only applies to FSC members but practically it will apply to all.

The FSC deserves an attaboy…well done.

CW Writes:

First and foremost, please withold my name or use initials in order to protect my career. ( I am a public school teacher.)

I have been quite huge fan of the porn industry even though I work in a profession that naturally frowns down on the industry mainly because they dont take the chance to try and understand it. Still, what I do in my private life with my viewing is my business but if word were to get out, I would surely lose my career.

My thoughts on the current state of 2257 are this is mainly a major scare tactic. I am not saying that the DOJ is not serious about cracking down but lets look at the situation as it stands. They have managed to close down many sites already without having to bring charges. Webmaster’s simply have closed up shop because they cannot comply with current terms. While I empathize with the industry’s fear of the new regs, I think the new regs will help funnel out the likes of Rob Blacks and Kahn Tusions of the world.

Furthermore, I think the DOJ knows that they cannot stop porn. It will never happen. They know this and the industry knows this. I feel what the DOJ is trying to do is make the compliance complicated where most webmasters and producers get rustrated and give up. Again, the DOJ succeeds in that scenario without havign to put manpower into prosecution. Seriously, they expect a copy of the video to be included in EACH model’s record folders. So from my understanding, they expect you to make a copy and include in the records folder of the model. So for a film that has 12 different models, thats 12 copies for 12 different folders. Gee, I can see profit margins falling a bit. Not to mention that the records have to be available during normal business hours. For smaller companies or producers who handle all aspects of their business, they now have to hire someone to be there in case of record inspection. Another added cost to become compliant.

Personally, the DOJ doesnt want to face a court battle where the current definition of obscenity would be invalidated to be brought up to modern times. Surely what was consider obscene in the 50s and 60s is not considered obscene now. If that were true, every Spears or Hip Hop video would be prosecuted daily. But with the new regs, the DOJ forces those who cant afford to comply out of business which lessens those it has to monitor. Lets face it, I am willing to bet that more end up in jail over improper record keeping than those who actually produce child porn.

I take my career very seriously in educating the future minds of America. I have former students that are in the adult industry. I support their decisions even though in my profession we are expected to deter those type of career decisions. I dont agree with others in my profession and see nothing wrong with consenting adults enjoying porn or making porn. I am in the minority in modern day education.

The adult industry has to do something at this point. The time for unity is now and if all adult content producers fail to unite and fight together for their rights to conduct business responsbily as most have (save for a few like Black, Max, and Tusion)then the DOJ will begin to attack other liberties outside of the adult industry.

So heres another question. Since some of these smaller webmasters will be forced out of business, is the government going to give them the “injured worker” label and provide job training so they can transition to the traditional workforce? I bet no. If they ever stamped out porn like desire, where would all these people find jobs? I guarrantee you NO school district would hire someone with a porn background and most would not be eligible for government sector jobs.

I could go on all day on the state of affairs with the porn industry. However, I will sit back here and root silently for all adult players and hope that true justice will somehow be served and the DOJ gets the fuck off all of your backs and allows you and others to live as you see fit. As a teacher, I enjoy the product that you and others produce and hope that I will still be allowed to enjoy the products for years to come (or is that cum)?

Again, please respect my wish to not include my name if you choose to post this on your site as I fear for the security of my career.



If You Are In Denver and Would Like To Attend The FSC V. Gonzales Hearing (2257):

It is today at 1:30 in Judge Walker D. Miller’s Court Room ( A902)

At that time any agreement reached by the FSC with the DOJ will be presented to Judge Miller. That is why there has been talk of an agreement but nobody will say anything, Judge Miller will have the final say.

He will almost certainly agree to whatever the DOJ and the FSC have worked out.

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