Craven Moorehead @badboycraven Sues Aria Lee @arialeexxx For Defamation

Craven Moorehead has recently stated he was released from his contract as a director for Gamma. Now Craven Moorehead has decided to take action against Aria Lee by filing an astronomical  $10 million dollar defamation lawsuit as a result of losing his directing contract with Gamma unfavorably.

Craven Moorehead’s lawsuit called the allegations against himself “false, malicious, defamatory and hurtful,”

It’s still too early to guess how this might play out.  The complaint is now publicly available however we  will make available  the complaint here for you to read to its entirety.  Fans, followers  and readers to make their own conclusions or form your own opinions.



659780cookie-checkCraven Moorehead @badboycraven Sues Aria Lee @arialeexxx For Defamation

Craven Moorehead @badboycraven Sues Aria Lee @arialeexxx For Defamation

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6 Responses

  1. Gamma is a constant in this ever changing porn world game. Gamma’s name is always coming up in these kind of allegations. Weird huh ?
    One after the other non stop. Brie Mills’s name comes up a lot if not always and nothing happens, ever, well except seemingly how convenient a male director get canned for allegations lacking substantive merits and presto ,,PERFECT TIMING.. THe sacrificial lamb director gets canned. Sometimes the initial complaints was like 8 months ago laying in wait but a public trial by twitter and Press release commences when her name comes up. Weird Huh ? The firing is always with a vigorous CYA effort to it right when Brie is accused of sexual assaults’. IE Dispatched ” the same hit man private investigator” on the pay roll for Brie and company Gamma. Sure seems like a distraction and a hit piece favoring the one. Brie of coarse.
    Soon she will give a speech aimed at the accused, yada yada . She is like putting the fox in charge of the chicken house huh ?
    Brie has had some serious allegations with substantiated merits publicly aired with undisputed proof. Again it goes nowhere as perfect timing would have it, a directors name come up at every one of her advancements gone wrong. No matter how long ago there was some beef with a washed out porn star or one that is a never was. Timing is everything Brie we got it. A director is sacrificed with incredible timing, followed up with public rants. Well played Maam.
    OMG does Gamma has any more scape goats distractions left to blame ? Just asking because Brie fired them all now, Fresh outta lambs lol. Gamma seems fresh out of predators with a dick to blame . One thing is a for sure bet though. There is one diabolical left who can never get wood by genetic design .

  2. We all know and expect to find some sort of puppet master using this unsuspecting newbie girl to levy these allegations against a now former director just because her agent or whoever hates him. Now look at the shit storm a young girl so impressionable faces. I hope she gets out of this somehow and tells the truth. I don’t see her dreaming this all up. Its sad this happens all the time. Nothing new

  3. When I first watched that video of hers I could tell someone else was behind it, like someone was using her to get their revenge on that dude. Something about her story just wasn’t right.

  4. Please Allow me to introduce myself.
    There was a Man from Nantucket whos dick was so long he could suck it. He sits with a grin fucking his chin knowing if his ears were a cunt he could fuck it.

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