Congress Ramps Up War on Sex Workers

You may have never heard of the “Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act“, but it cleared Senate on Monday through a secret vote.

The main goal is to strengthen federal efforts so that they can be tough on those who are buying sexual servers. This is based on the false idea that customers of said services of consenting adult sex workers drive a demand for minors.

This is despite the fact that expert after expert and study after study have shown there is no correlation.

The reason I bring this up today is that there is something else I want you all to be aware of and is some “fine print” of this bill.

For instance, a section of S. 1311 would allow state law enforcement to use secret wiretaps on sex workers and their customers. Some are speculating this means turning on and recording sex workers and their john’s while they are together.

Cell phone

Tip of the day: TURN YOUR PHONE OFF WHILE DOING YOUR BUSINESS! I mean all the way off. They shouldn’t (in theory) be able to active your phones audio device to record you if the phone is all the way off.

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Congress Ramps Up War on Sex Workers

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2 Responses

  1. Both the democrats and republicans are so gung ho about preventing sex between consenting adults involving money. Why is prostitution so off limits in this country? Its fricken 2019 and commercial sexual prohibition must end.

    All you hear about is rights for this group or rights for that group, well its now time for prostitution reform in the United States. Because making all these silly laws involving the feds just sends the message that if your a male thats ugly, disabled, old or socially awkward, then you are not allowed to have sex in America. Ever..

    That is discrimination, that is disgusting and that cannot be tolerated any longer. Its time for prostitution reform now!

  2. Sex trafficking of minors is the bogeyman term used to push their agenda forward. It strikes fear in the heart of the average working class person. Gets them thinking their children can be snatched off the street at any time, a bag thrown over their head, and their child will never be seen again.

    Its more the fact the govt. is not getting their share of the tax money to be found in escorting and if there is anything politicians hate most of all its someone making money that they can’t get a piece of.

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