Civil Trial is Over – GirlsDoPorn Lose! 22 JANE DOES WIN!!

It’s official! The 22 Jane Doe victims won their civil case today against, its owner Michael J. Pratt, as well as Andre Gracia, and Matthew Wolfe. The judgment, which was handed down today in a 187-page document, which you can view by clicking here.

The lawsuit claims the porn scheme was hatched by actor Ruben “Andre” Garcia (left), co-owner and videographer Matthew Wolfe (middle), and owner Michael Pratt (right).

The Court finds in favor of the Plaintiffs in the aggregate amounts of $9,475,831.50 in compensatory damages and $3,300,000 in punitive damages.

Here is a quick summary of the ruling:

  • Defendants are liable for fraud and deceit
  • Defendants misrepresented material facts
  • Defendants concealed material facts
  • Defendants made false promises
  • Plaintiffs reasonably relied on defendants misrepresentations, non-disclosures, and false promises
  • Defendants deceit was a substantial factor in causing the plaintiff’s emotional distress and the court awards monetary damages
  • Plaintiffs are entitled to damages and ill-gotten gains from the fraud
  • Defendants’ putative contracts do not vitiate the plaintiff’s reasonable reliance: The documents are invalid and unenforceable as they were secured by fraud and are otherwise tainted by illegality
  • Despite the plaintiff’s failure to fully read the documents, the documents are unenforceable due to the defendants’ fraudulent and wrongful conduct
  • The plaintiff’s failure to read and understand the documents is attributable to defendants’ misconduct and not to any culpable negligence on the plaintiff’s part
  • The defendants obscurant drafting made it impossible for plaintiffs to discover that defendants oral representations were false
  • Plaintiffs are entitled to the same relief under a fraud in the inducement theory
  • The documents signed by the plaintiffs are unenforceable due to procedural and substantive unconscionability
  • The documents are procedurally and substantively unconscionable
  • The documents are signed by some under-age plaintiffs are void for illegality
  • The documents (and verbal script) are too vague and indefinite to constitute enforceable contracts
  • The written agreements are uncertain, vague and indefinite

Defendants are liable for misappropriation of likeness, as well as knowing use of likeness in products or for advertising. Defendants had a lack of consent and the defendants knew the plaintiffs did not consent. As a result, the plaintiffs are entitled to damages including the right to recover the profits the defendants received from the unauthorized use. The minimum damages of $750 per Jane Doe, even if no actual damages are proven.

The defendants violated business and professional code 17200 – prohibition on unlawful business practices and as such are liable for section 1700 violations.

The court orders defendants to restore to plaintiffs all images and videos and purported rights/copyrights thereto and to remove any such images and videos produced by them from the internet. The must also vid all the model release agreements.

The court also gives all 22 Jane Does a permanent and mandatory injunction against the defendants.

The defendants are liable for fraudulent transfer.

The defendants are jointly and severally liable to the plaintiffs.

The Court finds in favor of the Plaintiffs in the aggregate amounts of $9,475,831.50 in compensatory damages and $3,300,000 in punitive damages against all Defendants, jointly and severally, plus the additional relief stated.


541051cookie-checkCivil Trial is Over – GirlsDoPorn Lose! 22 JANE DOES WIN!!

Civil Trial is Over – GirlsDoPorn Lose! 22 JANE DOES WIN!!

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  1. Isn’t GDP still up and running posting content?

    Also the mope that fled the country is still on the loose somewhere?

  2. I don’t expect these girls seeing one dime of the judgement considering the owner fled to New Zealand with his cash but this might make other producers think twice before conning “performers” into a scene. Certainly the fleeing future felon won’t be able to travel unless he wants to get arrested and extradited to the US. I don’t know of New Zealand has extradition treaties with the US but most other countries do. He could possibly (somehow) get to a third world country that doesn’t extradite (if New Zealand does) but his life has been permanently neutered whether he is de facto restricted to some podunk, poverty stricken country for the rest of his life or if he gets arrested and sentenced to decades in the worst prison America can offer scumbags like him.

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