Bond #Denied for Matthew Wolfe from GirlsDoPorn

One of the defendants in the ongoing case requested bail and it was denied. The judge ordered him detained because he was an obvious flight risk.

The Defendant is a citizen of New Zealand. The Defendant has no legal status in the United States. Defendant is engaged to a U.S. citizen and has a U.S. citizen child. Defendant’s fiancé was born outside the United States. Defendant has been living in San Diego, without legal status, since approximately 2013. Defendant’s child and his fiance’s older child recently obtained new/renewed passports, respectively. Through counsel, Defendant represented that the family travelled internationally routinely and that the passports were not obtained in anticipation of fleeing the United States.

You can read the full Matthew Wolfe order of detention by clicking here.


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Bond #Denied for Matthew Wolfe from GirlsDoPorn

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  1. So Mr. Wolfe is an illegal. Maybe after this is all done they will bus his ass to Mexico City like all of the other illegals that get thrown out of my country. Let him figure how to get back to New Zealand from Mexico himself. Ironically, Mr. Wolfe helped Make America Gape Again with his facilitation of rape and misrepresentation of his product to his talent.

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