Bill Cosby Sentenced to 3 to 10 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault, Denied Bail

Legendary comedian Bill Cosby was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison Tuesday, for the drugging and sexual assault of a woman at his home 14 years ago.

The New York Times notes that the sentencing completed “the precipitous downfall to disgrace of a man from the heights of stardom and putting an exclamation mark on the first major conviction of the #MeToo era.”

In handing down his ruling to Bill Cosby today, Judge O’Neill said, “No one is above the law, and no one should be treated differently or disproportionally.” Cosby would be sentenced regardless of “who he is or who he was,” O’Neill said.

He also referenced how brave Andrea Constand, who Cosby was convicted to sexually assaulting, was through this whole process.

“I have given great weight to the victim impact testimony in this case, and it was powerful,” he added.

The court released Constand’s full victim impact statement, in which she wrote: “Bill Cosby took my beautiful, healthy young spirit and crushed it.”

Cosby was facing up to 30 years in prison for three counts of indecent aggravated assault. More than 60 women have come forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct, but only Constand’s report led to criminal charges. Cosby has been on house arrest since his conviction in April.

286850cookie-checkBill Cosby Sentenced to 3 to 10 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault, Denied Bail

Bill Cosby Sentenced to 3 to 10 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault, Denied Bail

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4 Responses

  1. He will probably be in a minimum security country club type prison, will feel like he is in band camp or something.

  2. According to NBC News they actually sent Dr. Bill “Rapist” Cosby to the highest security prison in the state. They didn’t even keep him in quarantine for a couple of weeks like they do non-famous inmates. Either state DOC officials intend to keep him in solitary confinement for his entire prison sentence or they intentionally sent him to get fucked up/raped/sodomized with a broom handle/tortured to death by gangbanger inmates as punishment for being a rapist (probably a serial rapist although he only has one conviction for that charge). What did they teach in that Ed. D. program he attended — how to rape using Quaaludes/Roofies/whatever he can get his rapist hands on? Let’s just say what I would do on top of his grave wouldn’t pass for flowers — it would be stinky, brown and I would take a bulldozer and dig his corpse up so I could put my shit in his mouth! If only he hadn’t had the power to stop his prosecution and ruin his victims lives even worse in 1975 or so — Dr. Bill The Rapist might have learned what it is like to be the recipient of rape way sooner, his name would only be a footnote in entertainment history and there would likely be a lot fewer freeworld rape victims. I am ashamed that this man likely had the qualifications to become a professor at a university and could have been one of my colleagues very easily (and have had power to coerce comely young girls into fucking him for grades). I hope Harvey “Rapist Extraordinaire” Weinstein receives the same rape and torture treatments when he is convicted and sent to Sing Sing where he will be “singing” with his screams the first night he spends there — while being fucked up the ass by horny, gay for prison gangbangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe Harv should contact Rob Black, he can give some pointers on how to take five dicks at a time and swallow gallons of prisoner HIV cum in prison.

  3. No one is going to fuck up an 81 year old man, they will keep him as safe as possible in segregation like they do with baby rapers. .

    There would be really bad publicity for the state if he got done in like Jeffery Dahlmer.

  4. That is a distinct possibility and I mention it in my comment. It is just weird that they sent him to their equivalent of super max when they could have kept him in solitary in one of their other prisons rather than take up a spot in their super max that could be better utilized for more dangerous inmates. Also, they may have a separate prison for “baby rapers”, even Michigan has one of those (our corrections officers have other ways of making them and their assholes suffer in that prison — let’s just say they have more broom and shovel handles without a broom or shovel attached in that place than a Lowe’s or Home Depot).

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